Why dream of an abortion?

Julia Chmykhalo
Julia Chmykhalo
February 16, 2015
Why dream of an abortion?

Since ancient times, people have tried with the help of dreams to determine their future. Due to this, many dream books were compiled, in which events that occurred after certain dreams were recorded. As a result, the accumulated experience has become enough to analyze in general terms that foreshadows a certain action in a dream. It is worth noting that most of the dream books interpret events seen in a dream, on the contrary. That is, if something bad happens during a dream, then in most cases something good happens in real life. Of course, there are quite a few exceptions to this rule. It all depends on how to interpret the dream and which particular dream book to use.

In any case, their dreams should not be feared, often they come out as a kind of warning to which you should listen. Some actions in a dream can be very frightening, for example, if an abortion or some other unpleasant event occurs.

What dreams about abortion in different dream books?

In most cases, abortion means problems with the implementation of your plans and plans. Perhaps you should not make quick decisions, be more intelligent about what is happening in your life.

Depending on the type of dream book, abortion may mean the following:

  • According to the Summer Dream Book. If you see in a dream how an abortion is done or how you do it yourself - by the time of pregnancy.
  • According to the Women's dream book, abortion in a dream is the need to become more attentive to your actions in real life so as not to incur disgrace or disgrace upon yourself.
  • According to the Erotic Dream Book, an abortion dreams of disrupting a very important matter at the most inappropriate moment. Your life can begin to change, which will be quite difficult to handle.
  • For an esoteric dream book, abortion in a dream means that you are planning to commit acts that may result in negative consequences.