What dream lover?

Yuri Belousikov
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What dream lover?

If you are interested in what a lover dreams about, the answer can be found in our article. You will also find out why a former lover is dreaming of a woman.

If a married woman has a dream that she has a lover, but in reality this is not the case, you need to think about whether everything is good in her relationship with her husband. Such a dream speaks of omissions, incompleteness, mutual insults and claims, often hidden. Outwardly, everything can be well, but internal grievances can spoil the relationship, so think about it - it's better to find out and calmly talk about everything.

A dream lover may mean for a woman and that she is not claimed, her thoughts and feelings are suppressed. In this case, you do not need to give up your favorite activities and hobbies - they will only benefit you, and if you abandoned them in due time, start doing them again. If in a dream a married woman feels the pleasure of meeting and intimacy with her lover, she should seriously consider.This suggests that in real life she can take such steps, which she will then have to regret for a very long time.

Finally, if a former lover dreamed of a woman, then often it simply means that the woman regrets a little about the previous relationship, and in real life she does not feel well enough. Although often this may simply mean that the former lover thinks and remembers her. In any case, the appearance of a lover in a dream is a reason to think about real relationships.