Why dream of a hole?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
February 18, 2015
Why dream of a hole?

In order to explain what a hole dreams about, you first need to understand exactly where it is located, that is, whether it is a garment, a part of a room (floor, door, wall, etc.) or something else (say, a tooth or same hole in the ground where a person can fall).

We offer interpretations for a variety of dreams.

How to interpret a dream about a hole

Holes in clothes

In most cases, the dreamed hole promises nothing good, and you need to be prepared for various unpleasant moments and situations in life. So, holes in clothes can mean an unfavorable streak in life. Especially worth the guard if you yourself are in holes in your clothes in a dream. And if you see the interlocutor in holey clothes, then in the near future it is better not to lend money to anyone.

Also, the holes in the clothes - this is unforeseen financial expenses. In general, such a dream, as a rule, warns you against rash spending, and this means that in the near future it is worth being more economical.

For both women and men, a dream in which you are stitching a hole means that sooner or later the unfavorable situation will pass, and you will be able to solve all your financial difficulties, whatever they may be.

Holes in the room

A hole in the floor can also symbolize financial losses, but a hole in the door means that detractors talk a lot about you, but mostly they are empty gossip. If you fell into a hole in your sleep, then in life you should not perform rash actions, otherwise you may fall under the influence of others or into a bad company.

A hole in the tooth

For a woman, a dream in which she saw a hole in the tooth can mean a rivalry with her best friend (for example, for the man you liked), as well as envy from the female. For a man, such a dream promises some problems in his career (which can manifest, for example, in disagreements with his superiors).

Here, perhaps, are all the basic meanings of this symbol in dreams.