What does wood give to man?

Do you know how many gifts a forest gives us? The significant benefits of forests affect our health, industry, rivers, fields. Unfortunately, a person does not fully appreciate such generous gifts.


Thanks to the forest, plants and factories receive the main products of the industry, consisting of wood. These are wood resins, wood flour, from which linoleum, wood-laminate plastic, cellulose, turpentine, alcohol, chipboard, fibreboard, etc. are made. The list can be continued for a long time.

Wood is used in the economy, it acts as a timber and lumber, such as: timber, plywood, boards. What does the forest give us in the industrial field? Railways, construction buildings, bridges, transmission towers, and more.

Many products necessary for humanity are made from processed products and from the wood itself: chairs, school boards, teachers' chairs, school desks, ceilings, floors, window frames, school roofs, walls. Smaller items: materials for sneakers, briefcases, toys, fabrics for outerwear, skis, clubs, sledges, balls for playing football. This list is also far from complete.

What benefits does the forest bring to the national economy?

The national economy does not do without forest materials from which are created: handles for a shovel, boats, sleighs, matches, carts, plywood, furniture, varnishes, fishing floats, wheel rims, etc. Each of us can continue this list. Just think for a minute to make it if there were no wood? What would we end up with?

Spruce wood

White with a yellowish tint, having a silk sheen, supple and sonorous, fir wood has been valued by mankind for a long time. From it built the royal chambers, temples, huts, bridges and sheds. Spruce wood gave us the opportunity to develop creatively, thanks to such instruments: guitar, violin, balalaika and other musical sources.

Just one cubic meter of such wood gives 600 half-silk suits, 400 pairs of magnificent silk cloth stockings and 250 kg of cellulose.

Pine resin

For the economy, in the woods extract sap (pine resin). To do this, specially prepared notches, incised the bark of the tree and collect the resin in a pot. Rosin produces rosin - a substance that produces garden putty, dryers, high-quality soap, synthetic rubber, plastic, varnishes, artificial leather.

Forest use

Are you still asking what the forest gives a man? The forest feeds the man! Berries, mushrooms, animal and poultry meat - all this is the merit of forests. Forest clothes a man! Forest animals are rich in warm natural fur, which people wear in the cold winter season. The forest teaches a person, he gives him all the necessary school subjects. Les heals its beneficial healing herbs. The forest fills our lungs with carbon dioxide and oxygen.

The benefits of forests can be talked about for a very long time. But the conclusion will always be the same - they need to be guarded and not forget how important it is for each of us.