What does sleep mean?

When a person is sleeping, his subconscious mind systematizes the information received during the day. On the basis of it, it generates dreams, which sometimes amaze with their unreality. For example, it is rather difficult to understand what a dream means in which the dreamer sees himself asleep. However, such a dream is not uncommon, and you can find the answer to the question of what it promises, in various dream books.

What does dream in a dream by dream book Denise Lynn mean?

According to the well-known self-development coach Denise Lynn's dream book, when a person sees himself sleeping in a dream, he will soon have a journey. On a subconscious level, such a dream speaks of the desire for change due to stagnation in business. The dreamer is oppressed by this situation and he tries to find a way out of it, but in vain.

There is also an assumption that the soul of a person during sleep has left his body, and he sees himself from the side. In addition, it may be just a lucid dream. In this case, it is not necessary to interpret it, since it does not foretell anything.

Dreaming maya

According to the Mayan dream book, which was composed by wise men many thousands of years ago, a dream in a dream promises a meeting with a man who falls in love with a sleeper.However, if he wants a new love to be mutual, he must eat the chicken heart in its raw form. If the dreamer has dreamed that in a dream someone prevents him from sleeping, then soon he will suffer from insomnia and nightmares. But you can avoid this negative situation, it will be enough to put a pot near the bed by planting a coffee seed in it

Noble dream book N.Grishina

According to the dream book of the psychologist N. Grishina, which was compiled for 35 years based on the records of her ancestors, such a dream means that a person will soon be deceived, therefore you should not trust even close people. In this case, it will be possible to avoid negative consequences and frustration. If the dreamer saw himself in a dream asleep, then he will soon be surprised. When a person sees sleeping in a dream not only himself, but also others, his subconscious mind encourages him to be vigilant, since not all people in his environment are friends; some are waiting for an opportunity to harm him.

Esoteric dream book

If you believe the esoteric dream book, then sleep in a dream is a good sign. A person will need to remember this state, because in the future it will allow him to find the answer to any question.He will be able to receive answers in images that he understands, as a result he will learn to foresee the future and do the right thing. However, it is not necessary to tell anyone about your ability, as people can envy, and the gift will be gone.

The dream of the Gypsy Seraphim

According to the dream book of the Gypsy Seraphim, when a person sees himself asleep, he is in contact with the most intimate and deepest parts of the soul at this time. He needs to remember the whole plot of the dream, then he will be able to understand himself. However, it can be very difficult to figure out the images, so you need to write them down and analyze them: this is the way to find the answer. Third-party dream books in this case will not help, as each person is individual. Also, such a dream helps to look inside itself, to find answers to interesting questions, so you should not dismiss it, considering it empty.

Psychoanalytic dream book

If you turn to the help of a psychoanalytic dream book, then a dream in a dream promises death. However, do not be upset, as this is only one of the interpretations. Most often, such a dream speaks of the sleeping aspects of the personality that need to be awakened.If a person has a dream that not only he slept in a dream, but also everyone around him, then personal growth and emotional enthusiasm await him.

Dream Miller

If you interpret a dream in a dream according to the dream book of the famous American psychologist Miller, who lived in the 19th century, he will have several meanings that depend on the plot of the dream. So, if a person has dreamed that he slept on a clean, snow-white bed, then he will reach complete understanding with his relatives. This whole situation will bring peace and tranquility into his life.

If he dreamed that he fell asleep in an inappropriate place, then illness awaits him. Sleep near a small child - to a pleasant change. Soon the dreamer will meet his true love, which will be mutual. In the future, he will create a beautiful family.

If a person dreamed that not only he sleeps, but also many other people, then he will have to gain the trust and favor of one important person. When the dreamer dreamed that he was sleeping next to a man who disliked him, he would soon be disappointed in his beloved man.

If a girl has a dream that she is sleeping in a dream with her lover, then she should not give in to him, since passion can cover her head and she will not see anything around herself.But when emotions subside, reality will be too cruel.