What does ololo mean?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
September 27, 2011
What does ololo mean?

Can not safely go to the chat or to any forum? Internet slang is everywhere in a completely different context, and it is not possible to understand the meaning of some expressions even after several read messages in one topic.

Here for example, the word "ololo" what does it mean? It is used everywhere. People insert this expression into any phrase for any reason. What do they mean? When can I use this "ololo"?

Have you heard of the popular abbreviation LOL or LOL? The word ololo is a derivative of it. LOL stands for Lots of Laughs, that is, something like "lots of laughter." Also, the Russian analogue "lol" is used in cases where the author of the message is very funny, or just to express positive emotions in correspondence.

What does ololo mean - Internet slang

Do not swear at those who insert ololo wherever possible and impossible. After all, they are right, the list of ololo values ​​is very wide:

  • The direct meaning of "lol" is laughter, terribly positive emotions. Gingerbread Man hanged himself. Ololo. =)
  • Irony, banter, sarcasm. Ololo, what beautiful slender legs of this 150 kg milady.
  • Strong surprise and surprise. Ololo, where did all the food go out of the fridge?
  • Attracting someone's attention. Ololo !!! Is anyone here?
  • Word-parasite or interjection. Mom: stop sitting at the computer all day, you can ruin your eyesight! Son: Ololo!
  • Insult. Well, you ololo!
  • An expression of joy. Ololo, we won!
  • The designation of any indefinite subject. What kind of ololo is in your nose ?!

As for the origin of the original form "lol", then most likely this reduction in runet appeared in 2002. And ololo much later. There is an assumption that they began to use it somewhere in 2007, which coincides with the time of the appearance of the Upyachki media virus (there is no one online education that fights against the HS).