What does a lion tattoo mean?

If you make a tattoo meaningfully, then it should have special meaning for you, so before you draw a picture, you need to explain it in detail. And what will the lion mean?

A bit of history

In general, the images of the lion on the body are very popular, because this animal is found in almost all cultures, countries and civilizations, for example, in Buddhism, paganism, Chinese legends and so on.

And since ancient times, such an animal is considered incredibly strong, the king of all animals, so it almost always symbolizes power, strength, courage. For example, in the Middle Ages, many used the lion as a symbol of the genus, family, or knightly order. And today, the value has practically not changed, but it has acquired some new expanded interpretations.

Is this tattoo suitable for everyone?

Who will suit a tattoo with a lion? In general, it is ideal for men, because the lion is a symbol of courage, masculinity, strength.But if you really want to make such a tattoo, then it is desirable for her to choose the image of a lioness, it carries a softer, but at the same time very strong energy.

Where is the best place to make a tattoo?

In principle, for the application of such a pattern, you can choose any place, but if you put a special meaning in a tattoo and want it to change you and your life, then it is worth taking a responsible approach to choosing a body part.

Most often, these tattoos are done on the arm, and on the left, since it is closer to the heart and, therefore, close to the soul. You can apply a pattern on the forearm or shoulder.

Another suitable site is the chest, best left, then you literally make a symbolic imprint on your heart. If you want the image to remain almost imperceptible and not conspicuous, then place it on the back, namely on the shoulder blade.

Some make a tattoo with the image of a lion in other places, for example, on the finger, and this is also allowed. But it's not recommended to choose intimate places for drawing, as to hide the symbol and to embody it with something forbidden is not worth it.

The legs are not very suitable either, because, firstly, there is no truth in them (remember the well-known saying), secondly, they have long been considered not the most important or even the dirtiest part of the body.

What does such a tattoo mean?

The value of the tattoo will depend on what is specifically depicted.

Some interpretation options:

  • The lion in a broad sense symbolizes strength, power, might, courage, power, courage, justice, nobility, and also law.
  • If the lion on the image is calm, that is, for example, he sits or lies and is in a peaceful state, then this means that the carrier of such a tattoo is absolutely sure of himself and knows for sure that he can stand up for himself and loved ones. He will not prove power, it is not in his style.
  • If a lion fights with someone or takes a fighting stance, then the owner of such an image is always ready to fight and fight to the end for what he believes and for the one he loves and appreciates.
  • If a lion has opened its mouth and growls, then this may symbolize a desire to make its power and power known, to tell about them to everyone. This is a kind of cry, thrown to others and society.
  • If a lion is portrayed with a weaker animal, then this may mean that the tattoo owner seeks peace and does not intend to offend the weak.
  • A beautiful tattoo in the form of a lion can mean that a person wants to earn respect and prove his status in society.
  • In Buddhism, such an animal is considered a symbol of good luck, enlightenment, wisdom, progress and justice.
  • In Islam, the lion has long been known as a protector from evil.
  • If the lion is depicted with wings, then it can be a symbol of the desire for freedom, the union of two elements: air and earth.
  • If two lions are depicted, turned away from each other, then this may be the personification of the separation and delimitation of the future and the past, their independence.
  • In African cultures, this animal is considered both a creator and a destroyer, that is, it symbolizes a comprehensive power, special powers.
  • The red lion is a strong male element, probably a symbol of aggression.
  • If the lion is the sign of the tattoo owner's zodiac, then such an image will help strengthen all the best qualities, achieve complete harmony.
  • In ancient Egypt, such a beast was a symbol of not only power, but also balance, so this picture can help achieve perfection, become better, develop.
  • If the girl chose a tattoo with the image of a lioness, it means that she is the keeper of the hearth, a good mother and a protector of her children.This is the personification of feminine power and energy, maternal feelings and instincts, loyalty to his man, family wisdom.
  • If a lion cub is depicted, then this may mean that the owner of the tattoo is in a state of constant development and self-improvement, he is accumulating strength.
  • The lion is often depicted with a crown. He himself is a symbol of royalty and grandeur, and the crown only emphasizes his power and might, strengthens them.
  • Such a tattoo can become a kind of amulet or talisman, a defender against the evil forces and intrigues of enemies.
  • The lion can be associated with the desire for victory, will power, so that such images are often chosen by professional athletes.
  • In some cultures, such a beast is personified with rebirth, steadfastness.

Image selection

How to choose the right tattoo? You can see the examples presented in the catalogs of tattoo masters. Also find something worthwhile help photo ready tattoo. But still, it's not worth copying the drawings completely, because, firstly, they are already adorned on other bodies.

Secondly, a special meaning should be attached to the drawing, so it is better to create it independently.Of course, not everybody can draw, so it’s better to ask for help from a professional artist or at least a talented amateur.

A lion can be depicted in any position, but remember that its value will depend on it. If you want to fully reveal all the qualities of the beast in yourself and make a truly beautiful tattoo, then let the animal be depicted in its entirety.

But then the tattoo will be extensive, otherwise the details will go unnoticed. If you just like a lion, and you want a small tattoo, then you can portray only the head. With a lush mane, it will look especially chic.

Carefully read all the interpretation of the tattoo in the form of a lion, understand what you want, and select the appropriate image. Only then will it acquire a special meaning for you and will serve your whole life.

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