What does a hump on the neck mean?

A hump around your neck is a fairly common problem. And why does it arise? And whether it is possible to get rid of it. Let's figure it out!

What it is?

The hump on the neck is a convex area located on the back of the neck in the region of the seventh vertebra (it is the most prominent, but when the described problem occurs, it is practically not detectable). It looks like a lump, it can be touched to the touch, either firm or elastic, it all depends on the causes of the problem. In some cases, there may be tension, soreness, discomfort.

What could cause a hump?

The causes of the hump can be very diverse:

  • Overweight. In this area, fatty deposits can form, so the hump often appears in obese people leading a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Hormonal changes or failures. So, often the problem occurs in women balzakovskogo age during menopause or menopause. For this reason, before such a hump was called "widow". The fact is that the life expectancy of men in the Middle Ages was short due to wars and other upheavals, and by the age of 45-50 many women remained widows.
  • It is worth considering a factor such as genetic predisposition. Often, the problem in question is faced by members of the same family or immediate family.
  • Spinal deformity, for example, due to any injuries or injuries, due to curvature of the posture or incorrect posture during work or study.
  • The deposition of salts, which is usually observed in gout. They are deposited in the joints and thereby increase their size. And since the cervical seventh vertebra bulges more than the rest, then gradually it can begin to look like a noticeable hump.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis is a disease characterized by dystrophic and degenerative disorders and changes in cartilage tissues. As a result, a hump may form in the neck.
  • Osteoporosis is accompanied by a decrease in bone density and their gradual destruction, which can also lead to the appearance of an elevation on the back of the neck.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis is an inflammation of the intervertebral joints, which can also lead to an increase in their size.

How to solve a problem?

How to get rid of such a problem as a hump around your neck? The solution should be comprehensive and gradual.And below we will consider the main directions.

Healthy lifestyle

It should start with a healthy lifestyle, which is in proper nutrition and increased physical activity. Whenever possible, it is advisable to exclude from the diet sweet, fatty, marinated, salty, flour, smoked, fried, convenience foods, fast food and other harmful products. Eat more sour milk and dairy products, vegetables, fruits, cereals, berries, greens, beans, fish, and poultry or lean meat.

Try to move more. If you have to spend a lot of time in one position, then do regular exercises and warm up. Also try to abandon transport and elevators, walk more. And sign up for the pool, it is very useful.

In order to avoid a hump it is necessary to organize a berth correctly. The mattress should be sufficiently elastic and rigid to provide adequate support to the spine. And the pillow should not be too high, otherwise the processes of curvature and displacement of the vertebrae will start.


To remove the hump will help and procedure:

  • Massage will allow you to partially remove fat deposits or at least evenly distribute them. A course of procedures conducted by a professional will help destroy and remove salt.But you can do a massage at home. To do this, use a fist or knuckles to knead a hump, make circular movements, sawing, tapping, tingling and other manipulations.
  • Shock wave therapy. Ultrasound waves due to their high intensity will literally break up both fatty and salt deposits.
  • Hydrogen sulfide baths. Hydrogen sulphide and useful substances will penetrate into tissues, eliminate inflammation and improve blood circulation.


Exercises to get rid of a hump:

  1. Rotations or turns of the head will help to increase the mobility of the vertebrae and normalize their functioning. Also, these movements will help remove salt deposits.
  2. Lie on your stomach on a flat surface and lift your head, trying to pull it back as far as possible.
  3. Get up on all fours. First, bend your back and lift your head, pulling it back, and then, on the contrary, arch your body, and lower your head, bringing it closer to your chest.

Folk remedies

Try to use folk remedies:

  • Gorchiki will accelerate blood circulation and improve the blood supply of the zone, which will promote the dissolution of salt deposits and the more active burning of fat.
  • You can make compresses with saline or soda solutions (one or two teaspoons for half a glass of warm water).
  • In equal parts, mix salt and honey, daily in the morning and in the evening, rub this mixture into the hump area.
  • Prepare an ointment from equal parts of natural honey, badger or other fat, vodka, as well as 9% vinegar. Apply three times a day to the problem area.

If you are worried about the hump on your neck from behind, then find out the reasons for its appearance and begin to act!

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