What does a girl need?

Naturally, people perceive the surrounding reality differently due to various factors: character, upbringing, environment, habits, etc. At the same time, a number of criteria can be identified that affect the assessment of life and relationships, according to which both sexes are similar. So, if you ask several women to describe a “dream man”, these characteristics will be similar in many ways. In this article we will talk about what a girl needs from her lover, what relationship she usually aspires to and what is most important for her in matters of the heart.

In a relationship is important attitude!

No wonder girls are called the weaker sex: they, as they say, more often “think with their hearts”, being more emotional, sentimental and vulnerable than the representatives of the male sex. That is why they need a lot of attention. The girl needs care and support, both in words and in deeds.

If she is sick, and you constantly just tell her that she will recover soon, but be too lazy to go to the pharmacy - that is terribly little! And vice versa,if you take care of everything at home, buy medicines for her and make tea every half hour, but do not speak affectionate words to her and do not support, so to speak, “orally”, she still perceives this as indifference. Do not cease to prove to the girl her own feelings in all possible ways, remember that she is much more than you need maximum confidence and stability in relationships.

Personal psychologist

Most men are quite skeptical about the need for women to speak out more often. Because of their nature, guys do not need to discuss all the little things in life even with close friends or a woman they love. Firstly, they really do not see the point, and secondly, they often simply do not want to tire their girlfriend with their own problems. However, girls, being again more sensitive creatures, periodically feel just an irresistible need to speak out.

Try to become for her the best friend, or rather, a personal psychologist, to whom she can tell anything, without fear that he will misunderstand her or she will simply bore him.This opportunity is given, alas, not by everyone, so your girl will definitely appreciate her. In addition, she will spend less time with talkative girlfriends and will unconsciously more and more reach for you.

Sense of protection

It is not necessary that the girl be attacked by a maniac in the stairwell or an angry dog ​​of her neighbor, so that she needs protection and help. The need to constantly feel loved and protected in any life situation - this is what a girl needs from her lover. You will not have to hire personal security services or walk behind her: first of all, the girl needs to believe that you will always be there, no matter what.

She wants to be sure that you will rush to her house at one o'clock in the morning to destroy the cockroach, do not be afraid of her annoying fan and run to deal with her unfair superiors. If you think cockroaches are completely harmless animals, do not want to interfere in other people's relations and do not rush to blame her boss, your girl will decide that she needs to cope with the problems on her own. In that case, why should you? ..

Understanding is the key to a long relationship

What does a girl need? The famous quotation by Bettina Arnim will help you in this: “I want to be loved or to be understood - that’s the same thing”.She explains a lot in the female perception of love relationships. The girl, as a rule, is sure that if the boyfriend truly loves her, he is obliged to understand her. And it doesn’t matter that she herself doesn’t always succeed, she doesn’t get tired of wanting, and then, if she doesn’t receive it, and demand the maximum understanding from you.

Let's say that it is not as easy as it seems, because female emotionality often leads to changes in moods, opinions, principles and anything. But if you really feel strong feelings for a girl, then the acceptance of her sensitive essence will be regarded by her as a genuine understanding.

There are no many compliments

Yes, the girl needs to hear more often that she (at least for you!) Is the most beautiful, intelligent, interesting and attractive. If not, what are you doing next to her? Do you tolerate her in anticipation of a suitable candidate? A girl needs confidence not only in your feelings for her, but also in her own uniqueness.

Therefore, make her compliments and tune in to romance as often as possible. In return, you will receive so much love and warmth that you will definitely not regret it.