What does a caver do?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
August 2, 2011
What does a caver do?

Whether you choose a profession at this stage of your life, whether you are looking for a suitable job among the offered vacancies or you are just interested in the concept, it does not matter. The main thing is that you have discovered an interesting term and want to know who the caver is and what it does.

What is speleology

What does a caver do? To understand the activities of this specialist, it is necessary to understand the science to which he is directly related. Speleology is one of the sections of geology where natural caves and underground grottoes are studied, as well as how rivers and lakes were formed and developed. All this is studied by experts in terms of age, origin, and morphology of caves, rivers, and lakes. This science is very important for understanding history, the development of archeology, paleontology, biology or hydrology.

In Russia, they often identify scientific speleology and sports. Of course, a real speleologist is both a scientist and an athlete. But an ordinary sportsman and a tourist are not assigned certain research tasks, but they are a spelled scientist.

Based on this, we conclude that a speleologist is a well-trained specialist who studies natural caves, assesses them from the point of view of the possibility of building technical communications, is looking for minerals such as oil, coal and gas.

Where are taught by caver

The speleologist's profession can be called extremely rare, and speleologists are rarely trained in geology departments. But, paradoxically, the speleologist profession requires geological education. Consider various universities with departments of geology, perhaps somewhere you will find this specialization. Also, many are of the opinion that cavers are usually physicists, not geologists.

But do not forget that you can become a real caver only if you take an active part in expeditions, learn from practice. Speleologists participate in short expeditions, for example, on May holidays. And they can leave in the summer for a whole month on a big expedition. Usually the last option takes place in a little-studied area, speleologists live in the mountains, explore new caves, try to penetrate deeper and deeper.

For those who are really interested from a professional point of view, what a caver is doing, what activities and projects are currently taking place, what news is there now in the study of caves, we will advise to look at the site.