What clothes to wear for pregnant women - lists, examples, tips

Pregnancy does not deprive a woman of the desire to be beautiful. On the fitted clothes will have to forget, but the fashion for pregnant women offers other stylish options. Let's see what clothes to wear and how to choose stylish things for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the woman's weight increases. This does not mean that the expectant mother should stay at home and wear large, shapeless robes. Even being in position, a woman can look irresistible, thanks to fashionable clothes for pregnant women, which is combined with shoes and accessories.

Famous brands produce clothes for pregnant women. Even in a small town there are shops offering a good selection. And if there is no variety of models there, the Internet will come to the rescue with thousands of sites where there are lists, examples, tips and dozens of different models. Network trade satisfies the whim of anyone, and pregnant women are left to think not about places to buy clothes, but how to choose them.

Basic wardrobe

The wardrobe of a pregnant woman cannot be 100% fashionable.Without basic clothing is indispensable. To make the image look great, first make sure that there is enough basic clothing in the wardrobe.

  1. Get a few neutral things, combined with each other: pants, jeans with elastic inserts, a wide sweater, tight skirt with a pulling belt.
  2. Stock up on dresses, plain tops and blouses.

Basic wardrobe ready. Complement the base with accessories and products that will make the image fresh and fashionable.

  • Warm clothes.Slingokurtka - the perfect solution. In this clothes you will feel comfortable, and after the birth of the child to the jacket will fasten the tab to carry the baby.
  • Color choose dark, and material - matte. White and shiny things increase volume.
  • Horizontal lines visually expand or shorten the shape. Fashion designers do not recommend using clothes with wide elastic bands at the bottom and cross stitches. A fashionable print with a medium print is perfect.
  • A classic silk blouse, in which you will feel royally, is considered a fashionable solution.
  • To complete the image, buy jeans from stretch fabrics, fashion shoes, a hat,scarf and sunglasses. These little things together with a hairstyle will make an image optimistic, energetic and relaxed.
  • Juicy tones - a pledge of joy.In vogue monochromatic bright tights that complement the dress from the basic wardrobe.
  • Do not leave unattended tunics. They will hide the excessive bulkiness of the body.
  • If you go to a social event, you will need an evening dress. Fashion designers offer a lot of options for such outfits.

Following the tips, you update the wardrobe, bringing closer to the needs of the body, due to a special condition. Choosing clothes, do not forget, a small little ball of life develops inside you, and tight clothes will prevent its comfort.

Choosing winter clothes for pregnant women

Beautiful, comfortable and comfortable clothing uplifting and feeling, for girls in the position it is important. Most shy bodies, whose forms have changed. Therefore, people appear occasionally. Properly chosen clothing hides the tummy and makes the image fashionable and stylish.

  1. Designers offer a wide selection of coats and fur coats. These products are free and spacious.
  2. At the beginning of pregnancy, wear jeans with a pair of knitwear, and in the end, choose elastic and soft fitting trousers, complementing the shirt with a male cut.
  3. A long sweater or a loose tunic looks great on a pregnant woman. If the product has an interesting print, it will divert attention from the abdomen.
  4. On top of these clothes, wear a long warm jacket. Indoors - a fashionable jacket.
  5. Winter fashion for pregnant women does not exclude dresses. A pregnant woman is recommended to wear a short dress with a straight silhouette.
  6. Designers recommend dresses, tunics that make the image irresistible even with a tummy.
  7. Do not disregard the universal styles of dresses with a high waistline. At the early stage of pregnancy, wear a short product, switch to a long outfit closer to the birth.
  8. A few words about materials, colors and prints. Clothes for pregnant women are made from stretch and soft tissues. Casual dresses are sewn from cashmere, wool or cotton. Evening - from lace, chiffon and silk.
  9. Stylists do not limit the color scheme of clothes for pregnant women. Use colors that are relevant in the winter season. In terms of prints on top of fashion abstractions and flowers.

The fashion for pregnant women in winter differs from other directions in the choice of style of clothing.In any dress that the future mother will wear, it should be comfortable for two persons: her and the baby.

List of fashionable spring clothes

In the first trimester of pregnancy, you can wear clothes that were used before pregnancy; in the second and third, you will have to update your wardrobe. What spring outfits are better to give preference to future moms?

While choosing clothes think about comfort and convenience, and only after about fashion and beauty. This does not mean that you will have to dress in a shapeless robe. On the contrary, others should admire your pride - a growing tummy.

In tight clothes you can feel discomfort. Such products can harm the baby and adversely affect your health. Go to the update wardrobe responsibly, but forget about the corset blouses with belts and tight jeans for a while.

Spring clothing for pregnant women must meet several requirements. Consider the list of requirements.

  • Material.Breathable and natural. Synthetic fabrics often cause itching and interfere with perspiration. Natural - satin, flax and cotton, will delight a pregnant woman with pleasant sensations.
  • Clothes colordoes not play a role.Dark shades absorb solar energy and it is hot in such clothes. On a warm spring day, give preference to products of pastel shades. Trendy colors: turquoise and coral.
  • Style.Experts recommend wearing loose-fitting clothes with an overstated waist and elastic inserts, if the conversation is about trousers.

Clothes that are recommended to wear in the warm season, choose according to certain factors.

  1. If you go to work wear light trousers with a low waist and elastic inserts in the tummy area. Complete the trousers with a T-shirt or blouse.
  2. Go for a walk, dressed in Capri and T-shirt. If such clothes are not to your liking, pay attention to sundresses, dresses or tunics with leggings.
  3. Stock up tights and stockings. Make sure they match with outfit and shoes.
  4. Forget about shoes on the platform or high heels. Choose comfortable footwear with a small heel. During pregnancy, women's legs have to cope with a high load due to increased body weight.
  5. Ideal - fashionable shoes made of natural material: stylish slippers or sandals with low heels. Studs are prohibited.

Fashion stores offer a lot of options for beautiful, fashionable and comfortable clothing and shoes.

Best summer clothes for pregnant women

Clothes for pregnant women are rarely shown on the catwalks. The decoration for girls in the position should be functional, fashionable and beautiful, as women tend to look attractive.

According to the expectant mothers, the cost of special clothes is transcendental, and it is suitable for wearing for several months. But, gaining momentum in the multi-layered kits and spacious dress changed the situation. Therefore, clothes that are worn during pregnancy are suitable for use after delivery.

  • High waist.Dresses in Greek style meet the needs of pregnant women. Regardless, casual or evening is an option, outfit looks gorgeous, especially in combination with a jacket or jacket.
  • A-silhouette.On top of fashion flare dresses, made in the style of the 60s. They look feminine, stylish and do not hamper movement.
  • Volumetric sweater.A light sweater with a wide neck should be present in the wardrobe of the future mom. Combine it with baggy jeans or leggings.
  • Tunic.A wide long piece of flowing material looks great on the future mother, especially if the clothes are tropical print. There is an exotic and alternative - a white tunic with embroidery and lace.
  • Long T-shirt.A popular trend is a long shirt with a short sleeve and an image. Welcomes this trend of fashion and bright prints, which complement the basic clothes.
  • The shuttlecock and fold.The highlight of the summer is the quartet of flounces, pleats, ruffs and folds. This decor decorates clothes, emphasizes the stomach, making the dress comfortable.
  • Swimsuit.The best solution for a pregnant woman is considered a Tankini swimsuit. This product consists of panties and top. This beachwear looks great and supports the stomach.
  • Floral motifs.In summer, peonies, lilies and chamomile should bloom on the clothes of pregnant women. Colorful drawing visually hides volumes.
  • Geometric print.In fashion for pregnant women occupies an important role. The print visually reduces the volume of the tummy, slightly emphasizing or hiding.
  • Peas and strip.Listed patterns are in vogue for many seasons.Choose striped dresses of any color, polka dot t-shirts.

Summer fashion for pregnant women offers a huge range of clothing. Do not try to sit on bright sunny days in the apartment, update your wardrobe and go for a walk.

What clothes to wear in the fall

Properly chosen clothing masks the stomach, creates a feminine and elegant image. I will give a list and examples of autumn clothes for pregnant women.

  1. Coat.The best option outerwear for a pregnant girl is considered a coat. The free silhouette hides the position and remains slim until the beginning of the third trimester. Buying a coat, remember, you can wear it even after childbirth. Such outerwear is universal.
  2. It is already cold in autumn, the clothes should be beautiful, comfortable, but also warm. In the first trimester, I recommend using a tandem of jeans with elastic and knit top. When the pregnancy has "stepped over the equator", wear a jumpsuit, a dress with a high waist or leggings with a shirt.
  3. Patterns.Those who wish to hide the tummy I advise you to pay attention to loose clothing with animals, geometric or floral patterns.If before the pregnancy they often wore blouses, tunics or blouses, complement the look with a long jacket.
  4. DressesFashionable products are universal styles, popular in the 60's. The perfect solution is a high-waisted model or a product in the Greek style. For the festive event provided outfits in the floor.
  5. Colors and shades.Autumn is a cool season, so there are no restrictions on colors. If you want to emphasize the image, pay attention to the outfits in black, orange, gold or burgundy.
  6. Materials.Choose clothes from natural materials - denim, wool, cotton and velvet. Dresses come in chiffon, silk or lace.

For any woman, expectation of motherhood is an unforgettable period. During pregnancy, the body changes inside and out. Initially, these changes are unusual, later a woman gets used to. As the child grows, the mother reincarnates, and the wardrobe becomes cramped.

Some girls in the position are sure that pregnancy is a reason to abandon walks and switch to wearing baggy clothes. This opinion is incorrect. Designer developments emphasize the image of the girl, make him spectacular and attractive.

Pregnancy reduces the possibilities in terms of wearing clothes, but the fashion for pregnant women more than compensates for this with great offers and options.