What can you give to a friend?

You can always rely on a true friend, he will help in solving problems and will not betray at the first danger. Often he becomes closer relative. For this reason, you must not forget about his birthday and present a good gift.

From this article you will learn what you can give to a friend.

Gift Ideas for a Friend

There are a lot of gift options, moreover, you should have no problems with their choice, because you know your friend very well. However, there are cases when it is rather difficult to dwell on one or another variant. But you can choose one of the ideas presented in this article.

A gift for the soul

Surely your friend has a hobby to which he gives himself with all his heart. You can give a useful thing that fits his hobby. So, if a friend loves fishing, you can present him to:

  • rubber boat;
  • fishing equipment, gear;
  • grill;
  • bowler;
  • set of tools;
  • walkie-talkie;
  • wireless headset;
  • spinning.

Car enthusiast can donate a heated case, navigator, video recorder, new tires, expensive wheels, a set of covers from expensive material, a radio tape recorder. All this will please him and give a bunch of emotions.

The hunter will surely enjoy the tent, his rifle, binoculars, and uniforms for hunting. A sportsman will be very pleased to receive as a gift dumbbells, a barbell or a weight for strength training, a simulator for home exercises, as well as a ski or snowboard, skates, bicycle, boxing gloves or a pear for active sports. It all depends on the sport in which he does. If a person just keeps himself in good shape, he will be delighted with the annual gym membership.

If your friend is a collector, you will need to try to find a valuable item for his collection. If such a gift you can not afford, then you can get away with an album or a case for storing relics.

For more information about gifts for a collector, see the article What to give to a friend for his birthday.


Almost all men love electronics, so you can give a friend some new product, since they come out a few pieces a month, so there is no shortage in this area. The choice here is simply huge:

  • phone, smartphone;
  • eBook;
  • player;
  • vacuum headphones;
  • the tablet;
  • stylish keyboard;
  • Webcam;
  • laptop, ultrabook;
  • modern monitor.

Classic gift options

If your friend does not have an anniversary, then you can get by with classic gifts. So, if your friend is a connoisseur of alcohol, then you can give him a collection of brandy, wine, whiskey. He likes to smoke elite tobacco - Cuban cigars will be very helpful. A coffee lover will be delighted with expensive coffee, and a tea lover will appreciate a set of different varieties of this drink. If you pack everything in an expensive package, you will get just a great gift, for which your friend will be very grateful to you.

If you are picking up a gift for a friend and his bride, it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with our article What to give to a friend for the wedding.

Gift joker

If your friend is a prankster and a joker, then you can give him a birthday present with a joke. Do not hesitate, he will appreciate your sense of humor, and you will laugh heartily together. So, the joker will be delighted with the following gifts:

  • opener with the sound of "Bulk";
  • cool medals;
  • T-shirt with a cool lettering and photo;
  • a portrait in the form of a king, general, modern celebrity or president;
  • clock with reverse;
  • cool certificates and certificates.

Business gifts

If your friend is a business person and spends a lot of time at various meetings, then you can give him business accessories. It may be:

  • pen "Parker";
  • diary, organizer;
  • a globe (for example, with an old world map);
  • expensive watch;
  • leather wallet;
  • cufflinks.

All this will help him look stylish in the eyes of his colleagues and partners, moreover, these things will speak about his good taste.


It would be appropriate to present a friend clothes. Perhaps he had long wanted a tie from a fashion designer, or everyone had no time to go to the sports shop for a new suit or sneakers. Remember what he needs, and go for it.

You can do even easier - buy a certificate for buying clothes. In this way, you will not exactly lose your size, color and style, and your friend will be able to choose the really necessary thing. You can also present to a friend and jewelry - signet, chain, cross. Such a gift will be liked and will be received with delight.