What can EeOneGuy offer for collaboration?

EeOneGuy or Ivan Rudskoy is a twenty-year-old popular Russian video blogger from the Dnipropetrovsk region, the first YouTube blogger in the Russian segment who gained over 10.000.000 people. This yutuber produces entertainment content for a teenage audience, his work is closely connected with such genres of video as letsplay, lifestyle, chelendzh, etc. Ivan creates video with original feed, filming and editing. At the beginning of his career, Ivan preferred to shoot lecturers for a famous game called Minecraft. Later Vanya became interested in rollers in the style of lifestile, after a short time he completely switched to this genre. Ivan also loves to travel and visit many places in the world. I was attracted by the original work of this blogger and I would like to start working with him and promoting his channel on the tops of the world YouTube. On his official page "Vkontakte" Ivan left his "Gmail" mail for commercial relations and cooperation.I wrote to the blogger a letter about the request to cooperate, but unfortunately the yutuber did not send me an answer. The producer of video bloggers from the agency "DaiLayma" said that for cooperation with Ivan, the proposal should be original, creative, interesting and tempting so that YouTube would be interesting to work with those who want to cooperate. For useless, not interesting offers, the utuber will not agree to integrate. But I don’t know what to offer if you know what yuber is interested in. Please help in the fulfillment of my dreams.