What are platelets?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
1 March 2013
What are platelets?

Now, it is not sad to admit, but people get sick more and more often. They have to deal with different medical terms that they have not heard about before and with whom they have not come across. The current doctors are not very eager to read everything available. But our article will help you learn at least a small, but useful information about your body.


Not many people know what platelets are. Platelets are elements of the blood that are involved in the process of its clotting. They look like an oval, inside which is the core. You can also hear the replacement name for them - blood plates (it is very similar). The presence of 250–350 thousand of such records is considered a norm for a person. And what is most interesting, they have to live no more than 5-9 days. So, in spite of their microscopic dimensions, they play an integral role in human life.

Physiological abilities of platelets

Many are interested in what platelets mean. We will answer this question.If there are few of them in the body, the bleeding will be very difficult to stop, and if it is too much, they lead to the formation of blood clots that block the blood vessels. And can lead to diseases such as stroke or heart attack. A violation of the ratio of platelets in the body leads to the disease - thrombocytopathy.

Basic platelet function

Platelets are great helpers for humans and perform two main functions:

  • form the primary tube, which closes the place where the vessel was damaged. For example, when you get hurt, blood starts to flow from this place. But we have assistants in the body who quickly react to the situation and rush to damage, trying to close this place. And here comes the second function:
  • accelerated plasma coagulation. Platelets begin to try to stop the bleeding. And after a few minutes, at the wound site, an internal film forms, which prevents blood from seeping out. That's what platelets do.

In order to keep the platelets in normal, you need to adhere to proper diet. Do not overdo it with fried, fat.Do not use carbonated water. And eat more fruits and vegetables. With the current rhythm of life, most people do not manage to maintain a nutritional regime. But we must try. After all, you can not buy health, for any money. And if you follow your diet and lifestyle, then health will not cause any problems.