What are people afraid of?

Do you know what people are afraid of? What fears most often accompany them in life? In this article we want to tell you about the most common phobias and their impact on human life.

Scientists consider that we are surrounded by more than 5 hundred phobias - stable manifestations of the fear of something concrete. People can be afraid of anything: water, cats, mice, other people, dirt, lightning and other things. It takes too long to list the entire list. There are people who fear absolutely everything around. Sometimes it comes to such incidents as: "phobiophobia" - the fear of all phobias, "neophobia" - the fear of something new, "panophobia" - the fear of everything around or "deipnofobiya" - the fear of lunch conversations.

Fear is the result of a brain damage. It most often results from some traumatic situations. A person does experience very complex emotions, even suffers, but his fear can be completely exaggerated. Fear is normal, but only when it is justified. For example, you are crossing the road, and a truck is driving at you at full speed, it’s quite natural that you have a fear, it is he who helps you to react correctly and jump aside. Thus, fear saves your life.Phobias are not justified, inadequate.

Phobias have a peculiarity to grow. For example, if you are afraid to sail on a ship, fearing a large amount of water, tomorrow you will not be able to go to the pool. That is why such fears must be treated, and the sooner this happens, the better.

Get rid of phobias

How to get rid of what people are afraid of and is it possible? Of course, yes, you can get rid of phobias, but for this you have to make a titanic effort. Fears themselves can pass away, but this will happen by the age of 50, not earlier. Therefore, if there is a desire to change life, we must act.

  1. Wedge - wedge knocks. This method is quite effective. If you are afraid of dogs - get yourself a puppy, afraid of rats and mice - get yourself a pet in the form of a rodent, afraid of snakes - go to the terrarium after work, they are absolutely harmless there.
  2. You are confronted with what you fear, try not to think about it. Remember some nice moment of your life. Do it all the time, and over time your fears will be associated with pleasant emotions.
  3. Analyze your fear from the inside, figure out where it came from.This will help to understand your fear and weaken it.
  4. Draw your fear as you see it. Then tear the picture and throw it away to the wind (burn it). And you are free!

If you are not able to overcome your phobias yourself, contact a psychologist. They know well what people are afraid of and how it is worth fighting for it to get a positive result.

Top 10 Phobias

Let's find out what people are most afraid of. We offer the top 10 most common phobias.


This is a fear of visiting a dentist. People try to come up with different reasons and pretexts to avoid a visit to the dentist. A person in no case will not cross the threshold of the doctor's office, no matter what the consequences did not threaten him. The only factor that can make such a person come to the dentist is unbearable pain. This fear appears in childhood, it is caused by "unsuccessful", painful trips to the dentist. A person feels helpless and defenseless while the doctor is operating with drills and other tools in his mouth.

Cinema phobia

Any representative of dogs, whether it is a puppy or an adult cable, cause panic in a person suffering from such a phobia.This most often begins after being bitten by a dog or a person accidentally becomes an observer of a similar process. In the subconscious is postponed that any dog ​​can bite.


A person cannot even admit a single thought about flying in any air vehicle. Such people can be divided into two groups: those who fear a plane crash and those suffering from claustrophobia (fear of confined space — an airplane cabin) and acrophobia (fear of height).


Fear of thunder and lightning flashes can cause a person's nervous behavior and heart palpitations. Many people with such a phobia try to move to regions with calm weather.


Fear of the dark. For children, this is a fairly common occurrence for children and should not cause anxiety to parents. But if the years go by and the fears do not stop, they turn into a nyctophobia. If such fears are not treated, they can be present even after puberty.


Fear of heights is one of the most common phobias. It affects about 5% of the population.

Social phobia

During a speech in front of a large number of people, such a person begins to blush and sweat plentifully. Such fear often begins to appear at the age of 13 years.People feel terrible discomfort not only during public speaking, but during the process of eating or drinking, catching on themselves the casual glance of a passerby.


Fear of such places and situations in which a person can not quickly disappear if necessary. Such places include elevators, airplanes, cars, shops. This phobia is able to inspire a person not to leave his home, not to drive or go to places with open space. The reason for such fears is helplessness, inability to control the situation and fear of disgracing in front of people. This phobia is observed not from an early age, but begins to develop and progress from the age of 20.


Fear of spiders. This fear is particularly characteristic of the weak half of humanity. Since ancient times, women were engaged in gathering, and they had to deal with poisonous spiders. Men went hunting, giving risk to their lives. Therefore, the spider did not carry him such a strong threat as a wild animal.


Fear of snakes. Here, too, there is a logical evolutionary explanation: if you run away from a poisonous snake, you will survive. So the fear of these creatures remained in our blood.

Now you know what people are most afraid of. All these fears interfere with normal life, they limit the person and close him. It is necessary to get rid of such phobias and it should be done as quickly as possible.