What are human needs?

If a person was born and came to this world, then from the very first days of his life he manifests his needs. Accordingly, with age and its development, needs increase and change. We touched the concept of "needs" What are human needs? What are they expressed in? What are the? Let's look at this expression in more detail.

What do we want from birth?

Each of us in life felt uncomfortable about the fact that he was not satisfied to some need. At the same time, if the need became strong, then we made efforts to satisfy ourselves in one way or another. It could be material, spiritual, social and other factors. And the need we experienced in these situations is called human needs.

Needs are one of the reasons for human activity. Meeting the needs of a person helps him to master the world around us, to become more inventive. Needs are always accompanied by emotions. If the needs are not satisfied, then the emotions are negative, and if the person’s satisfaction passes, then, accordingly, the emotions become more positive.

Natural and cultural - in such two groups are divided by origin of human needs. If the first group is already formed at birth, then the second is produced as a person grows up. For example, if a child grows up, he enters the society. His friends, teachers, everyone who communicates with him, with whom the exchange of information takes place, become an integral part of the life of this young man. He develops, strives for knowledge and realization of himself as an individual. Thus, the social needs of the person are satisfied. Otherwise, if the child grows up in a more closed space, the society is not available for him, then the child will not satisfy his social needs.

Only man was born, he immediately appears biological needs. It should be noted that the biological needs of man play the most important role in life. These include food, air, sleep, clothing, and others. At first, parents help them satisfy their child. For example, the baby is fed, put to sleep, change clothes, and over time it grows up and can satisfy these and other needs.And if these needs for a person, regardless of age, arise, if he has a desire to look for methods and sources to satisfy them, then this person is considered healthy physically and as an individual.

We grow, and with us and our needs

But, man does not live by bread alone ... After all, the spiritual needs of man are one of the types of needs that bring satisfaction to the soul. From the first day of birth, a person seeks to know the world, all that surrounds it. He seeks to express himself as an individual, to show himself as an individual and, at the same time, to receive moral pleasure from it. The spiritual development of man has always pushed him to discover the beautiful through art, music. With the help of religion, feel your place in this world and get in touch with the Almighty.

The material needs of a person accompany him throughout his life. The pursuit of material values ​​that can make life richer, more comfortable and at the same time will allow to meet other vital needs, remains a priority for people. A person seeks to earn more, sometimes this work does not bring moral pleasure, but, as a result, pleasure will bear the fruits of his work: a new house or apartment, a car, stylish clothes and tasty food.It often happens that material needs come to the fore in life. Then a person becomes greedy, greedy, he can step over other people in order to satisfy himself.

If we continue our topic, then we must not miss such a thing as the need of a person in society. If we analyze the time when humanity was born, then only those who lived in flocks, communities survived. Until today, a person lives every day in a small society - a family. At work or school this society becomes more. His place of residence - a city or village - is a society even more. And today the chances of living a man alone are zero. Therefore, in order to satisfy their basic needs, a person must live in society, communicate, work, and lead an active lifestyle.

The basic needs of a person depend on his education, his standard of living, the society that surrounds him, and at the same time forms him as a person. These needs are increasing over time, because scientific and technical progress is developing, the world is developing and the standard of living rises.

If we want something, then everything is fine.

If you go back a few centuries ago, then the basic human needs of that time differed from the modern human needs. Usually, people do not have one need, there are several of them, but their consciousness divides them into more important and minor ones. American psychologist Maslow showed this hierarchy in the form of a pyramid. He described in detail all the needs of each level. But, this is not all the needs that are inherent in man. And if simpler needs are realized in people, then desires of a higher level come to their place. And this gives people a more positive attitude, they begin to understand that they have not just come to this world, that they are useful not only for themselves, but also for their family and society. Meeting your needs makes a person temper his character, willpower, to prove to himself and those around him that he can achieve his goal. Human needs are not his whims, but the conditions for a normal life.