What a drunken husband dreams about?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 27, 2015
What a drunken husband dreams about?

What it means to see drunk people in a dream, we have already told in the article What dreams of a drunk. And if a drunk who has seen in a dream is a specific person, for example, a husband? How then to decipher the dream?

Let's take a closer look at what a drunk husband dreams about, what explanation of such dreams can be found in dream books and psychoanalysts.

According to psychoanalysis

If you believe the explanations of well-known psychoanalysts Gustav Miller and Sigmund Freud, then a dream with a drunk person does not bode well. This is a bad sign! Freud, for example, believed that such a dream foreshadows the disease, and the dearer the person dreamed of being drunk, the more serious the illnesses will be.

Miller explained the dream with a drunk husband a little differently. In his opinion, such a dream speaks of a difficult and tense situation in the family, of a disorganized marital relationship. He also believed that a woman who dreamed of a drunken husband, in real life, was disrespectful to him and treated with disdain or even contempt.

According to the dream books

If you believe the dream-book, a dream with a drunken husband can mean the following:

  • cheating in financial matters;
  • subconscious fear of the husband;
  • illness or serious mental condition that the husband hides;
  • possible injuries, colds and infectious diseases;
  • future financial problems in the family;
  • there is a risk of being unemployed;
  • for an unmarried woman - a sign that the future spouse will have an extra-little kind and uncontrollable character;
  • the dreaming ex drunk husband - this person needs your help and support.

Now you know how to interpret a dream in which you saw a drunken husband. But remember that deciphering of dreams must be approached individually, always taking into account your life circumstances and state of mind. And do not blindly believe the dream books, because in this way you can “program” the decoded events. And then failures will definitely not pass you by.