Wedding decor of balloons

Ivan Orlov
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Wedding decor of balloons

On the wedding day, everything should be perfect. The rings are bought, the bride is dressed up, the guests are invited, the menu is made up, and for some reason the decoration of the hall goes on drift. Registration falls on the shoulders of the toastmaster or the restaurant employees, and then it turns out that the color scheme is chosen incorrectly, and the amount is spent rather big.

Take the design of the wedding hall in their hands. It does not take a lot of time and will please the result if you use balls as a decoration. Too trite, you say? Here are some reasons why decorating with balls is better and safer than other methods:

  • price - decoration balls will be much cheaper expensive drapery fabrics;
  • safety - the balls will not ignite and will not flare from the candle;
  • a huge selection of colors - you can choose exactly the shade that will emphasize the beauty of the bride's dress;
  • variety of forms;
  • opportunity to show imagination.

Using balloons, you can afford the most incredible fantasies - be it castles in the air, jungles of balloons, bouquets, panels, figures of the bride and groom.

We decorate with ordinary balls

Conventional balloons with air, as a rule, are mounted in the form of garlands, arches. You can create an original panel for the bride and groom, hanging balls in the form of hearts or pigeons. Experts from the store offer original letter stretch marks, which are also excellent for panel decoration.

Balloons with helium usually let fly to the ceiling or create original compositions in the form of bouquets and fountains. Festive path for the young, air arches - it all looks elegant and festive.

Foil balls

This option seems more interesting, although it is worth remembering that foil balls are heavier than usual. Balloons in the shape of stars can be filled with air and let fly to the ceiling, creating a romantic starry sky. This kind of decoration is perfect for the second half of the celebration, when the guests are tired and the DJ puts on slow dancing.

Balloons in the shape of hearts or with congratulatory inscriptions will look good in the form of fountains and �explosions� near the table of the newlyweds.

Shop offers interesting options for "walking" balls in the form of the bride and groom. Just set them in the center of the room, and at the slightest movement of air, these balls will start moving - �walking� between the tables.

As a present

At the wedding, it is customary to give money, but how to add a gift envelope? Instead of another bouquet of fresh flowers, which will wither in a couple of days, please the newlyweds with a cloud of balloons. Such a gift will be remembered and will be a wonderful decoration of the festive hall.