We select fashionable haircut 2015

We select fashionable haircut 2015Fashionable haircuts 2015 will be filled with asymmetrical and clear lines, expressed in its volume. Those who in the new season, want something new or radically change their image, leading stylists open up great opportunities.

Basically, fashionable haircuts in the new year will be focused on short hair (see photo). Stylists tell us that the shorter the hair - the more stylish they look.

Consider basic haircuts for short hair.

What will be in fashion?

  1. Pixie will be popular again. This look is concluded in short, slightly recklessly stacked strands. This is a very practical option, because it is suitable for the evening dress and for the eccentric ragged jeans.
  2. In the fashion is an old classic car. But with a special trend in 2015 - a caramel tone of hair combined with fine streaks will give her grace.
  3. Another retro version - bob hairstyle. Changes retro-hairstyles are in short hair, hardly touching the ears, and an elongated, slightly oblique bangs.
  4. Cascade - in the new season will be well combined with chestnut hair color. If you want to give a little volume, then in this you will help melirovanie dark color.

Short haircuts of 2015 are very diverse. And the color scheme will delight the dark blue, bright red, caramel and ash shades.

Trendy short and medium asymmetrical haircuts 2015 with photo

  1. Haircut focuses on bangs, asymmetry giving it a liveliness and playfulness.
  2. Hair style will give a different length of hair styles.
  3. A bold decision of the season - shaved temple - will be perfectly combined with both medium and short hair.

The new season calls not to be afraid of experiments and extravagant decisions. But, choosing a fashionable haircut, you must not forget about the individual features of hair, facial features and the harmonious combination of your chosen hair.
We select fashionable haircut 2015

The appearance for the winter

  1. A distinctive feature of the new season are open ears. With an average length of hair, you can simply fill their ears.
  2. Characteristic are straight lines and dark shades of hair.
  3. For those who do not want every morning to style a new hairstyle, stylists recommend an excellent simple version of loose hair.The main thing is to give a slightly casual look and not to overdo it. It must be remembered that the hair must be well-groomed and clean.

We select fashionable haircut 2015

  1. For owners of long and medium hair designers recommend lush thick bangs.
  2. More popular will still be haircuts for short hair (see photo), so the ladder will be relevant, which will give additional volume and emphasize the correct shape of the face.
  3. Haircuts will be popular. This is the easiest version of hairstyle, revealing facial features, styling curls to the side.

Stylish hairstyles are suitable for short hair, the main features of which will be clear asymmetric lines and volume, and for long hair, with which you can create a new image every day.
We select fashionable haircut 2015
A bold decision will be geometric haircuts. Such a hairstyle with elements of geometry will show a rebellious spirit, courage and, of course, a sense of taste. Good luck in choosing a new stylish hairstyle.