Volumetric bow of paper

A voluminous bow made of paper with your own hands will be useful for decorating gifts - it will give the package an unusual, original look, as an addition to postcards and envelopes.
paper bow
Technique is rather simple, similar to origami. The only difference is that in some places cuts will be required. The entire production procedure will take no more than twenty minutes, the materials will only need a piece of paper. Take a square of paper with a beautiful face. If you have ordinary colored paper, but you want something interesting, you can add a pattern - on A4 sheet, print out the necessary drawing on the printer and cut out the square of the desired size. I took a side length of 19 cm and received a rather large bow, measuring 11 cm by 13 cm. If you want less, cut a smaller square.
Bulk paper bow
Arrange the sheet on the wrong side up.
 sheet of paper
Bend in half,face inward, turn around, rotate 90 degrees and bend the same way. We get two folds.
back side
Now we turn around again and bend diagonally, in the other direction. Straightening.
bend the four parts
We fold this figure (those who used to do similar models of paper, probably learned the basic form of origami "double square") .
bend diagonally
We arrange in the form of a diamond and bend the upper triangle down.