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Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov - a wonderful poet, essayist and writer. His works are known both in our country and abroad. On the works of the author more than one generation has grown up, both adults and young connoisseurs of poetry. After all, Nekrasov has a lot of poems dedicated to the life of village children.


Poems for children



Nekrasov was from a noble family. The father, who became a police officer, from childhood took with him the affairs of Nicholas, who saw the life of the Russian people from the inside. His eyes showed the hard work of children in the villages, their poverty, hardship and deprivation. It was children's impressions that played a crucial role in the creation of poems and poems.


In the works of Nekrasov, children not only work all the time and suffer. They are drawn to knowledge, they want to learn. In the poem "Schoolboy»The author portrays an exhausted boy in tatters, but with a book in his hand, foreshadowing the path of the famous scientist and poet Lomonosov. You can read this verse for children by copying the link.


The works of Nikolai Alekseevich devoted to children embody the pedagogical example of bringing up a kind and rational person who loves his Motherland and respects the people. The images of such children are presented in the poem “Peasant children". You can read this verse for children by copying the link.


In it, the author depicts pictures from the life of village children, their way of life, games, activities and work. He, describing them, recalls episodes from his own childhood. At the same time, children are represented in the work as rational, brave, strong personalities, sinless souls. They are simple and open, gullible and intelligent, and at the same time, it is wise over the years.


The main lever of education in the poems of Nekrasov is a true word. In the “Railway”, little Vanya learns the whole truth about builders, simple peasants who suffered and worked to death. Knowing the truth, children become more honest and smarter, they learn to sympathize and sympathize.


Nekrasov created other wonderful works for children:

«Grandfather Mazai and rabbits»


«General Toptygin»

All of them make the child think about nature, love and homeland. Poems Nekrasov for children written with love.