Useful and effective face masks with gelatin

For the skin to look young and fresh, it needs a sufficient amount of collagen. But with age, its amount significantly decreases, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and flabbiness. The modern cosmetic industry has strongly succeeded in the process of producing various anti-aging agents, but, unfortunately, their cost is often unaffordable for ordinary women. In this case, home cosmetics will come to the rescue, which will easily replace the newfangled serums and fluids, moreover, will reliably save your money.

Gelatin is the simplest and most natural source of collagen. Its molecules in it are well split, which makes it possible to penetrate into the subcutaneous layers, increasing elasticity and feeding them with useful substances.

Who needs?

Gelatin masks can be used for any type of person, they can be made regardless of age, both to combat visible changes and to prevent.In addition, gelatin-based products can perfectly fight extended pores, gently cleaning them, and acne, helping to get rid of the "black spots".

Good results such procedures are shown at the first appearance of wrinkles and changes in the surface texture of the face, their regular use will smooth the loose layers of the dermis and help significantly tighten the contours of the face.

Rules of the procedure

  1. Before applying the mask, be sure to remove from the skin all traces of decorative cosmetics.
  2. To get the desired effect, putting on a mask, do not talk for 20-30 minutes and do not strain your facial muscles.
  3. Remove the tool from the face with the help of contrasting washes.

How to make a foundation?

To prepare the basis for future lifting cosmetics, you need to dilute the food gelatin with water, juice or milk in a ratio of 1: 8 and allow it to stand until completely swollen. When all the liquid is absorbed, it is necessary to put the mixture in a water bath and warm it up to a state of clear water, to which it will be necessary to add additional ingredients.

Nutrition + Moisturizing

To make a useful moisturizing mask for skin prone to dry skin, prepare a base in which, instead of water, add milk. Apply the mixture to your face and leave for half an hour.For additional softening, you can add to the main ingredients 1 tbsp. honey or butter.

Stop wrinkles!

Due to the content of glycerin, such a mask will easily relieve you of fine wrinkles and help fight the deeper ones. For her, mix 3 tbsp. gelatinous base with 4 tbsp. glycerin and 2 tbsp. honey, heat over low heat and add another 3 tbsp. water. Allow to cool slightly and apply for 20 minutes. This product can be stored in the refrigerator in a glass container, tightly closed lid.

Toning and whitening

The whitening effect that gives cucumber juice is perfectly complemented by the rejuvenating effect of gelatin. To prepare this wonderful drug at home, you need to pour gelatin with cucumber juice and let it brew.

After warming up in a water bath, add 1 tbsp to the mixture. chopped cucumber pulp and apply for 20 minutes. The advantage of this tool is also in the fact that it is suitable for any type of dermis and refreshes it perfectly.

Enhanced effect

Honey contains a large amount of nutrients, which, getting on the dermis, begin to act instantly.And the addition of lemon will strengthen the strengthening effect, because the mask with honey and lemon perfectly fights flabbiness. For her, take the gel base, add 1 tbsp. melted honey and lemon juice. Stir well and apply on face.

For young skin

As a prevention of wrinkles, gelatinous cosmetics can be used at the age of 25+. To make your face radiant and velvety, you need to take 1 tbsp. dry gelatin and 1 orange for the base, from which you first need to squeeze the juice. You can also put in a little bit of fruit pulp. The tool should be on the face for no more than 20 minutes, after which it should be carefully removed with a cotton swab and warm water.

For fading skin

This recipe is used to give a person freshness. To 1 tsp. gelatin need to add 7 tsp. milk and make a foundation. After that, put 1 tsp into the heated mixture. butter and gently lay out on face. After 20 minutes, remove the residue with cotton pads soaked in milk.

Be careful!

Any cosmetics should be used only if they are suitable for you. Gel masks also have a number of contraindications:

  • choose a recipe carefully if you have dry skin (universal remedies can dry it even more);
  • Do not put a mask on the area around the eyes, otherwise you risk stretching the delicate skin;
  • If there are inflammations on the face, wait with cosmetic procedures.

Beautiful and well-groomed face - the card of every woman. Remember that, even without investing large funds, you can look young and attractive.

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