"Two sausages": J. Law showed fat legs

The singer either got better or chose a bad outfit.

Jennifer Lopez has always been the owner of appetizing forms. But lately, her weight is jumping back and forth, like on a swing. More recently, she boasted the perfect press, which can only envy.

And then the star appeared before the subscribers in a translucent blouse, through which it was possible to see not only her underwear, but also the bust ... from the power of the first size. “Stop losing weight,” followers called on her. And, it seems, J. Law obeyed them.

Jennifer Lopez
Photo: Getty Images

While walking in New York, Jennifer appeared in very tight leggings that emphasized the impressive amount of her thighs. And the powdery color of the clothes gave the singer's legs a resemblance to sausages.

At the same time, in many interviews Jennifer said that she trains three to five times a week and tries to do choreography as often as possible. In addition, the main part of the Lo diet consists of vegetables and fruits.

Maybe those unfortunate leggings are to blame for everything? They added the star beauty extra centimeters? After all, Lopez is not distinguished by an ideal sense of style, and fashionable blunders makes constantly. It is worth remembering her checkered dress, which increases the ass and reduces the breast, leopard plush costume or super-small leather body.

Well, with tight wardrobe items, whether leggings, skinny, skirts or dresses, you should be careful not only for girls with Jennifer's parameters, but even for thin ones.