Twisted plastic bottle harness

Very useful and necessary harnesses in the household for gripping wires can be made from a plastic bottle. The harnesses can be of virtually any size and can accommodate any number of wires in them. Anyone who has a computer at home, I recommend to take this master class on a note. Since thanks to him, you can easily organize the order around the PC, where the bundles of wires always lie. Of course, the use is not limited to this. The harnesses additionally isolate the wire, protect it from mechanical effects, from excessive bending, etc. So the use and application options are just a lot. And the most important thing is that everything is being done from the useless recyclable plastic bottle.

It will take

  • 5 washers.
  • 2 self-tapping screws .
  • Wooden bar.
  • Nail.
  • The blade from the office knife.
  • A little copper wire.
Twisted cable harness fromplastic bottle

Making a twisted rope from a bottle

The first step is to make a bottle cutter that will cut the plastic bottle into a narrow ribbon. On a wooden block we place two shabs on a small distance.
 Twisted plait for wires from a plastic bottle
Put the blade from the stationery knife on top and the washer on the edge of the blade without a hole. To reduce the blade should be broken off to the desired length .
 Twisted plait for wires from a plastic bottle
We fix the whole structure with self-tapping screws. The bottle cutter is ready. The thickness of the two lower washers determines the thickness of the future tape, therefore, if you need a tape of greater thickness, place another one or more washers on each side.