Trends 2017: the most luxurious dresses of the season

High fashion weeks, as a rule, are not intended to announce new trends, but what they do best is to give true aesthetic pleasure from viewing, as if you visited a museum with paintings of impressionists or were visiting the Viennese Ball. Despite the fact that someone predicts, they say, haute couture in its classical sense has already died, and the "great" in the list of participants mixed with the "thieves", this does not take away the fact that it simply takes your breath away from individual outfits. - for beauty, craftsmanship, performance and scale of designer imagination. Ten of the best examples we have collected in this collection.

True haute couture

This dress has become the most popular photo of the past Fashion Week in Paris in social networks and the unspoken (but visual!) Proof that John Galliano is one of the most creative and talented designers of our time and his work is not just remembered, but becomes an ideal illustration of the concept "high-fashion".