Top 10 most popular artists

Many people who are fond of painting, are forced to abandon such an occupation, because breaking out into people and becoming a famous and sought-after artist is not easy. And yet some have succeeded. Find out which artists are the most famous.

The most famous artists

So, the top 10 of the most famous artists in the world:

1. Henri MatisseI began to draw by chance and far from childhood. In 20 years, Henri had an operation to remove appendicitis, and his mother bought him paint and paper. Matisse first copied color postcards, and then became so absorbed in drawing that he even decided to become a professional artist.

Henri Matisse

Despite the protests of his father, Henri began to study painting. The manner of drawing Matisse was very unusual and similar to impressionism. First, Henri copied the works of foreign masters, and then began to create his own masterpieces. The most famous works of Henri Matisse are “Paris Dance”, “Joy of Life”, “Conversation”, “Family Portrait”, “Red Room”.

Henri Matisse picture

By the way, Matisse even opened his own school of painting. Today his paintings are kept in the best museums and are in the collections of the richest people.

2. Claude MonetHe was a difficult teenager and in school lessons, instead of completing assignments, painted the covers of notebooks with funny portraits of classmates and teachers. Soon many learned about such talent of Claude, and he became a very famous cartoonist in his city, and later began to take money for his works. But then Monet met an experienced landscape painter, who took up his training.

Claude Monet

And only then did Claude love nature and learn to feel it. The guy expressed his emotions in the drawings, which later became so popular that today they are included in the best collections of painting. The most famous works are: “Sunset over the Sea”, “Sunflowers”, “Holland Tulips”, “By the Sea”, “Road in the Forest”, “Still Life with Meat”.

3. Pablo Picasso. Today everyone knows his name, as well as the best works, which include such as “The Girl on the Ball”, “Life”, “Bathers”, “Avignon Girls” and many others. And his painting “Nude, green leaves and bust” became the most expensive painting ever sold.

Pablo Picasso

Picasso was a talented artist, graphic artist, designer, ceramist, and also a decorator and sculptor. He is the founder of Cubism. In addition, Picasso made a huge contribution to the development of art of the last century, it probably would not have been so without this person.


In total, Pablo completed about 20,000 works in his life, each of which was unique and unique. He started drawing Picasso from an early age, and took the first lessons in painting from his father, who was a drawing teacher (later Pablo himself took this position). And the young Picasso drew inspiration from the tales that his mother invented and told her son for the night.

4. Vincent Van Gogh- Dutch post-impressionist artist, who created many amazing and unusual works. Vincent was a difficult teenager, but to outsiders seemed thoughtful and serious. Drawing Van Gogh began later, when he began working in the art-trading company.

Vincent van Gogh picture

Every day Vincent contacted works of art, so he learned to appreciate them. After an unsuccessful love, the affairs of the young Van Gogh dealer began to deteriorate, and at some point he decided to try his hand at painting. Still, Vincent had to earn a living, although he did not like the work.After several failures, Van Gogh decided to devote himself entirely to painting and presented the world with many masterpieces.

5. Ivan Aivazovsky- artist of Armenian origin (his real name is Hovhannes). Since childhood, Ivan showed creative abilities, he even independently learned to play the violin. Aivazovsky also beautifully painted and constantly developed their abilities.

Ivan Aivazovsky

Especially appreciated and idolized Ivan the sea, and that is why among his works are dominated by gorgeous seascapes, which depict storms, shipwrecks, waves and depths. The most famous paintings of the artist are “The Ninth Wave”, “Venice”, “Chaos”, “Sinking Ship”, “Ice Mountains”, “Wave”, “Black Sea”.

6. Isaac Levitan - An artist who was practically the discoverer of the beauties of Russian nature. He loved everything: trees, every blade of grass, sky, dew drops, flowers. And this love of his is beautifully visible in the pictures, each of which is a real masterpiece.

Isaac Levitan

His landscapes proved to everyone that Russia is not a gray boring country, as they had believed before, but an incredibly beautiful place. Here are some of the most famous works of the artist: "Evening Bells", "March", "Golden Autumn".By the way, many of his landscapes are still used as illustrations and are printed in textbooks.

7. Jackson Pollock- this is truly a unique and legendary artist, who changed the society's views on painting. A distinctive feature of Pollock's work was that they looked little like paintings. It may seem that someone poured paint on paper, but upon closer and close examination, you can see something mysterious and deep.

Jackson Pollock

And he Jackson completely immersed in the process and through the canvas expressed his emotions. He laid the paper on the floor, and for drawing he used broken glass, liquid paints, scoops, knives and wands. The most famous work of Pollock is “Number 5” (this is the most expensive painting of the artist), “Woman-moon, cutting circle” and “Wolf”.

8. Nikas Safronovknown for having painted portraits of most famous people. But the stars turn to Nikas not in vain, he is very talented. Safronov was born into a simple family and achieved everything himself. In addition, this is one of the few artists who managed to become famous during his lifetime. The list of works by Nikas includes portraits of such celebrities as Mike Tyson, Sophia Loren, Mick Jagger, Julio Iglesias, Elton John, Sting, Steven Spielberg, Jack Nicholson and many others.

Nikas Safronov

9. Andy Warhol- Perhaps the most iconic and significant person in the history of pop art. Draw Andy began in childhood. At first he illustrated magazines, but then decided to create independent works, drawing inspiration from food, beverages and other consumer goods.

Andy Warhole

He painted canned food, fruit, alcoholic beverages. But distinguished all the pictures a special style of performance. The drawings were so eccentric and bright that they simply could not help but notice.

10. Francis Bacon- master of figurative painting and expressionist artist. The main theme of his work is the human body. But the body was painted by Francis, usually elongated, distorted, enclosed in some figures or objects. The most famous works of Bacon are “Sleeping Man”, “Woman”, a triptych “Crucifixion”, and also “Three Sketches for a Portrait of Lucien Freud”.

Francis Bacon

These were the most famous artists of all time.

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