Top 10 interesting films based on real events

If the plots of some films are borrowed from books or are developed by screenwriters, then other pictures are based on real events, from which they become even more interesting.

Top 10 best movies based on real events:

1. "Schindler's List"- The story of the great and mysterious man Oscar Schindler. During the Second World War, he was a member of the Nazi party, but still did not support some of the views of the Nazis, so when the mass extermination of Jews began, he decided to change the course of history.

Oscar was a successful businessman and had his own factory, located in Krakow (Poland) and producing enameled products. Schindler uses the money of rich Jews to develop production, and hires the poor to work in a factory.

Schindler's list

And when an order comes from officer Amon Goethe about sending representatives of the Jewish people to Auschwitz for further complete destruction, Oscar pays a lot of money and knocks out permission to leave his people.

He makes up a list, which includes working factories.It was later named the Schindler list. And Oscar managed to save more than 1,100 Jews. This is a unique story of a great man who decided to go against power.

2. "Saving Private Ryan". Three of the four brothers died in one of the battles during the Second World War, and the fourth was missing. The mother is inconsolable, and in order to give her at least some hope, Captain John Miller, together with a team consisting of a man, decides to do the impossible.

Rescue Private Ryan

The soldiers are sent to the front and begin to search for private James Ryan, who was ordered not only to find, but also to save and deliver safe and sound to his mother’s home. But to accomplish this task is very difficult, because bullets whistle around, sounds are constantly heard, and literally every minute someone's life ends.

Participants in the rescue squad will have to go to hell to find a simple private, whose life is almost hanging by a thread, but it means so much to his mother.

3. "The Pianist". The film’s protagonist, Vladek Špilman, was an outstanding Polish pianist. He enjoyed his work and pleased the ears of others, until World War II began.The Nazis, as we know, destroyed all Jews, and this fate befell the Poles.


All members of this “unclean race” were sent to the ghetto, humiliated, and then sent to concentration camps for a long, painful and inevitable death. Shpilman was also a Jew, but an old friend helped the pianist to hide.

The musician is working at a construction site and is waiting for a chance to escape, so that he will never be afraid of being caught and humiliated. Fortunately, there are still good people in the world.

At first, Vladayk's fan hides him in the apartment, then the pianist meets a young German who, subdued by Spielmann's talent, brings him food and clothes. Is the musician destined to survive and become a free and happy person, who he was just recently?

4. “Catch Me If You Can”. Frank Ebigneil (this person is real) is not only an enterprising, clever and talented young man, but also a real fraudster who skillfully and with a sweet smile and all his inherent charm deceives people. For 21 years he managed to become a successful lawyer, work as a doctor and even a pilot.

Catch Me If You Can

And despite the fact that the guy does not know the laws, does not know how to control the plane and does not have a medical education.But Frank in some incredible way could instantly earn the trust of any person and become a friend to him. In addition, Ebigneil masterfully forged documents and was able to earn a fortune by using false checks.

But still the FBI agent Carl Hanretti, who is literally dreaming of apprehending a criminal, learns about the tricks of the guy. And yet Frank is always a few steps ahead. But can a fraudster escape justice if everyone turns away from him?

5. «1+1». A successful and wealthy aristocrat Philip always led a measured and rather boring life, complied with the rules of morality and standards of etiquette and planned everything for a month ahead. But the immaculate reputation and fortune, unfortunately, did not bring happiness to the businessman.


He feels lonely and not needed by anyone, and after the accident he cannot move and has to constantly ask someone for help. Philip is looking for a nurse, but no one lingers in this position for a long time because of the quirks of the aristocrat and his quibbles.

And so the young black rapper Driss comes to the interview, who is the complete opposite of Philip and does not know what will happen to him tomorrow.The aristocrat is sure that Driss will run away the next day, but the guy is determined, because he really needs money.

The guy finds a common language with Philip, treats him as a full-fledged and normal person, and eventually becomes a friend to him and proves that life even in a wheelchair can be diverse and interesting.

6. "127 hours"- the real story of a guy who loved adventure and was climbing. Once again he goes to the mountains to conquer the peaks and get new bright impressions. But instead, the young man falls into a real trap.

127 hours

Aaron did not tell anyone about the purpose of his trip, or even about his whereabouts, so that none of his relatives and friends simply had no idea what was happening to the guy, where to find him. Climber makes an evening walk through the mountains, but stumbles and falls into the gorge. His hand is caught between a rock and a huge stone.

There is not much food and water, and there is not a single living soul around. Under such circumstances, anyone else would have accepted and waited for death. But Aron’s will power can help him survive.

7. "The fall of the black hawk". The plot of this picture is based on the battle in Mogadishu, which occurred in 1993 during the civil war in Somalia, which claimed many lives. Residents of the country are dying of hunger and at the hands of Somali warlords.

The Fall of a Black Hawk

UN peacekeepers are trying to break through to civilians to pass on humanitarian aid, but field commander Aidid, who took command, prevents him from doing so. And then the leadership of the American army decides to conduct a major operation.

About 200 soldiers in the Ranger tactical group, based on the outskirts of the city, must penetrate the area in which Aidid and his supporters are located in order to overthrow him and free the peaceful people.

8. "Six Demons of Emily Rose". Although the events of this film seem unreal, but it is based on a very real story that occurred in 1976. During the rite of exorcism, a young girl is killed. The actions of the priest who conducted the ceremony were approved by the church, but still he was accused of murder. But he is confident of his innocence and begins an investigation.

The Six Demons of Emily Rose

The dead Emily Rose, according to doctors, suffered from epilepsy and psychosis, but did not take medication, which is why she allegedly died.But in fact, the life of the young Emily was spoiled and taken away by otherworldly forces, the existence of which is to be proved by the priest.

9. "9 company"- a film about a bloody and such a ridiculous war that took place in Afghanistan and took the lives of thousands of young, innocent soldiers. A company of young and recently trained fighters had to get to the epicenter of events, reach a high point in the mountains, and defend it until a column was delivered that delivered food to the far regions of Afghanistan.

9 Rota

Young and inexperienced fighters are forced to fight cruel and merciless militants. But the soldiers are true to their homeland and give their lives for the sake of it and the salvation of civilians. Only a few survived, but the remainder remembered this task for life.

10. “Mind Games”. The protagonist John Forbes Nash, Jr. is a talented scientist, who gives great hopes and has managed to achieve much in science. He made an enormous contribution to the development of game theory and practically became a world celebrity. The guy always immersed himself in study and research and worked day and night.

But when John led a measured and calm life, he met a secret service agent who asked for a service. Forbes had to complete a difficult task and save the lives of millions of people.

Mind games

The scientist studies the information and seeks secret messages of enemies of the USA in it. But the games of reason lead Nash too far, and what was so important and real is suddenly dissipated like fog.

These were the most famous and interesting films based on real stories of real people.

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