Top 10 interesting films about successful women

The life of any woman is a small feat. She takes care of the family every day, takes care of raising children, maintains peace and comfort in the house, and also does not forget about career successes and social life. Each one has moments when the arms are lowered, and an entire wall on the way grows out of the barriers. Then it seems to her that she is a bad mother, who does not pay enough attention to the child, a careless mistress or a worthless professional.

At such moments, our selection of the ten best films telling about the difficult but bright fate of women who have achieved success, no matter what, will help to raise morale and raise self-esteem.

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Top 10 most interesting films about the successful fair sex opens timeless classics:

gone With the Wind

Cheesy, capricious, but infinitely beautiful Scarlett O'Hara is used to getting everything from fate, no matter if it is a new dress or a stranger’s fan.

But the carefree and happy life suddenly gives way to the endless horror, pain and suffering that the Civil War brought with it. In this hell, a girl has to grow up very quickly, because not only her own fate, but also the lives of close people depend on her decisions and actions.

And let the people around her condemn her, but sometimes you want to howl for fear and grief, she will surely stand and succeed and prosper, what would it cost her.

Moscow does not believe in tears

This film was shot in 1979, but still does not lose relevance and is an incentive for many women not to give up in any situation and believe in the best.

The story tells of three provincial girls who came to conquer the capital in the 50s. Despite the friendship that they carried through the years, their fate is quite different.

Catherine dreams of going to college, but while working at a garment factory. Yielding to the entreaties of a friend, at a party, Katya agrees to pass herself off as a professorial daughter. There she meets her love. But the deception is soon revealed. In addition, the girl finds out about her pregnancy, and the chosen one throws it.

In spite of everything, Catherine does not give up. She raises her daughter, goes to college, reaches unprecedented success, becoming the director of her factory and crying at night from loneliness. But at forty, fate had prepared her a generous gift.

The Iron Lady

This is the biography of the famous politician and great woman - Margaret Thatcher. The brilliant Meryl Streep in the role of British Prime Minister will fight for her post as opposed to the misunderstanding of others and her own spouse.

Iron lady from her youth clearly understood that in order to change the life of the country for the better, you do not have to rely on someone, and yourself to get up at the helm. And she succeeds. Thanks to her will, England was able to regain control of the Falkland Islands.

The events described in the film are in 1982, shortly before the war between Britain and Argentina. It was the fighting spirit Thatcher gave compatriots patriotism and helped to stand in the confrontation.

Coco to Chanel

This is another filmed biography of the great designer and legendary personality - Coco Chanel, which every woman must look at.

However, it will be a question of the time when the future trendsetter, who invented a little black dress and dressed a woman in a men's suit, was an unknown girl named Gabriella Chanel.

She had to go the hard way to fame: from a child in an orphanage, through poverty, war, betrayal and unhappy love to the top of the powerful. The main role was brilliantly performed by Audrey Tatu.


This is a biographical melodrama about the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Life was not merciful to her: child polio "gave" life-long limp, and the car accident that happened later ended with a trauma to the hip and spine. Frida was doomed for life-long hellish physical pain. Trying to splash it out on canvas, she painted self-portraits, which later became masterpieces.

Having shown her works to the great artist and Marxist Diego Rivera, she finds not only an ally, but also love. But this feeling brings her no less suffering than old injuries.

Contrary to fate / Behind the ropes

This film is also based on real events and tells the story of a female manager who played a huge role in the history of American boxing.

Jackie Callen, who was masterly played by Meg Ryan, divorced her husband and decided to start a new life in Los Angeles. And for this she needs neither more nor less: to make a local black hooligan, Luther Show, a boxing star on an international scale. To help her agree to this experienced retirement coach Fliks Reynolds.

On the way the trio will have many obstacles, but the persistent and tireless Jackie will come to the set goal.


The film tells about the amazing, bright, but short life of one of the first American supermodels shining in the late 70s of the last century - Jia Marie Karanji.

At the feet of this girl, the most influential people of the planet were ready to fall. And few people guessed that she began her career path with a simple dishwasher in a not very decent eatery. Thanks to his will and commitment to his goals, Jii managed to achieve incredible success, conquer the modeling business and put the whole world at his feet.

But it didn’t bring her happiness. Her fragile soul could not stand the test of fame and fortune and found consolation in drugs. As a result, the twenty-six-year-old star died from AIDS.

Despite the tragic ending, the film can teach a lot, in particular: do not give up and appreciate what you have.

Devil wears prada

A wonderful comedy about a young journalist Andy, who came in search of work in New York. She has an unprecedented chance to work under the guidance of the famous publisher of the fashion magazine Vouge - Miranda Priestley.

Under her leadership, few people manage to stay long. But Andy surpasses herself and all of a sudden starts his rapid rise on the career ladder. She has something to strive for, because before the eyes of the incomparable Miranda. But is she happy? And how in running after success not to lose yourself and the love of your loved ones?


She is a successful business woman who has built her career from scratch. Now she has a profitable online fashion store. That's just finding a balance between work, family and leisure is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, she decides to take on training several interns.

Among them - a former seventy-year-old businessman, and now a pensioner who does not want to reconcile with age. He sincerely considers himself entitled to give her advice on building a business. And she sincerely puzzled by such arrogance.But still they will have to find a common language.

Great comedy for the whole family.

I do not know how she does it

Kate Reddy, played by unsurpassed Sarah Jessica Parker, is a modern woman who is used to living in time trouble.

Favorite job as a fund manager takes too much effort. Houses are waiting for her husband, who no longer feels like a significant part of his wife’s life, and two children who need attention. Kate is torn between the house and the office, trying to catch everything.

This light comedy about all women, combining personal life and career, with a smile overcoming all life obstacles.

We hope that our selection will help you to cheer up, to believe in yourself and not to succumb to any everyday difficulties.

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