Tofu: what is it?

For many people, tofu is a specific food. But few people know exactly how tofu is eaten and what it is all about.In this article we will look at what tofu is, how and what tofu is made from, and what it is eaten with. The article also describes the varieties of this product, the value in the diet and the requirements for storing tofu.

What is tofu

Some believe that tofu is a cheese with a high content of soy. But in fact, tofu is bean curd. Tofu is a source of protein, which is an analogue of the animal. 100 grams of this cottage cheese contains no more than 100 kilocalories. At the same time, there is practically no fat in this product. In addition, tofu is rich in calcium and iron. Plus, tofu contains a lot of minerals.

What is tofu made from

As a rule, tofu is produced by coagulating the protein of soy milk. Coagulation occurs through heating and subsequent filtration. In the production of tofu used different coagulants. The role of coagulant can perform citric acid, sea water, calcium sulfate.After the coagulation is complete, the tofu is pressed. The result is a white product. As you can see, cooking tofu is like making cheese. Therefore, it is so often confused with this product.

Distribution and storage of tofu

Nowadays tofu is distributed almost all over the world. It is very popular in vegetarian cuisine. The origin of tofu belongs to Japan. It is believed that he first appeared in the eighth century BC. However, the Chinese claim that they were the first to invent this product. According to their historical records, tofu was obtained in the second century BC. By the way, tofu is a purely Chinese name, but this product is popular in Korea, in Vietnam, Japan, in Thailand. And in these countries, tofu has its own unique name.

Raw tofu is usually stored for one week. Store it in the refrigerator in a special vacuum-packed. You can freeze.

Tofu Varieties

At the moment, there are many subspecies of tofu. However, in cooking, it is generally accepted that tofu is divided into two main types, namely hard tofu and soft tofu, which is also called silk.

Hard tofu is distinguished not only by its density, but also by the peculiarity of its preparation.The consistency of it resembles mozzarella, and therefore is well suited for smoking. It should be noted that solid tofu is divided into Western and Asian. And the latter contains a lot of water.

Soft tofu also contains a lot of water, about 80 percent. It has a very peculiar smell.

Use and health effects

Tofu is a versatile product that can be used in various soups and in the preparation of sauces. Tofu can be the basis for dessert, as well as for dishes that are roasted and smoked. As noted above, tofu is very popular with vegetarians and vegans. Separately, tofu is rarely eaten, usually as an additive or ingredient.

The usefulness of tofu is known from ancient times. Scientists have proven that tofu is rich in protein and contains all the essential amino acids. Tofu is not only a low-calorie product, but does not contain cholesterol.