To upload a game you like to your computer or laptop, find it on the Internet. To do this, use any search engine. In the desired line type "download". You will see a lot of links. Follow any of them. In order not to harm the computer and not add any virus to it, first install an anti-virus program.
Follow this link. On such sites there is a game archive with a variety of genres and directions of games. Use the built-in search on this archive to find the game you need. To do this, in the specified location, enter its name. This makes it much easier for you to search through thousands of different games.
When you find the right, download the game. Remember that free games need to be installed correctly, otherwise they are useless. In addition to installing the game itself, you may need to install some additional program components or software updates.It, like the game, can also be found on the Internet in the public domain, find and download it. There are cases when you may need to purchase or paid registration demo version.
Do not use hacked games and software. The operation of these applications may not be entirely correct. In addition, it is prohibited by the criminal law of the Russian Federation and is prosecuted.
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If for any reason you do not have the opportunity to download the desired game, for example, there is not enough free disk space, you can play it for free online. To do this, you need only a normal browser and unlimited internet.
Helpful advice
When downloading the desired game, use only those sites that have a certain reputation and high attendance. They usually have a high degree of protection.

Tip 2: How to play Minecraft without a phone number

The game Minecraft is incredibly popular around the world, in connection with which its new versions are periodically released, and numerous game sites appear. To play Minecraft without a phone number, you must go to the official website of the game and go through a quick registration procedure.
You can play Minecraft without a phone number
Be careful and remember that you can play Minecraft without entering a phone number. This service was introduced by some pirated and fraudulent sites that offer to download the game only after specifying your number. As a result, the player’s phone receives a message with a digital code, which is entered on the site. At the same time, sending SMS is often more expensive than downloading the licensed version of the game.
Go to the official Minecraft website and go through the quick registration procedure for a new user. For this, knowledge of the English language is desirable, since the Russified instruction is not yet available. Click the Register button at the top of the site. In the window that appears, enter your e-mail and password. Next, click Create Account to complete the registration.
Now you can play Minecraft without a phone number and at the same time free of charge, but this opportunity is provided to new players for just 100 minutes. For further game it will be necessary to purchase its full version, which costs about 20 euros. The demo version will be available via the Play the Demo link, and the purchase of the full game via the Download the Game link. You will be offered payment options, and after the funds are transferred, it will be downloaded and installed on the computer.