Tip 2: Eggplant Spicy Caviar

You will need
  • Eggplant fresh -4 pieces, butter, 100 grams, garlic, 2 cloves, salt
Fresh eggplants to put on the grid in the oven and bake at 180 degrees for about an hour. Eggplant readiness is determined by slightly shriveled skin and overall softness. You can bake eggplants in the coals, putting them directly on the coals and sprinkling the coals on top, like potatoes.
Once the eggplants are cooked, they need to be laid out on a towel for 5 minutes. This is necessary so that the peel is easily separated. After that, peel the eggplants and most of the internal seeds and place the peeled eggplants in a large plate.
While the eggplants are cold, add butter, chopped garlic, a little salt, and chop all this thoroughly and quickly with a kitchen knife until the mixture is crushed to a puree state. When ready to put a slide in another plate and serve. The dish is equally tasty and hot and cold.
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The process of roasting eggplants, that in the oven, that in the coals is long.
Helpful advice
The most delicious dish is obtained when eggplants are cooked in the coals.
Butter and garlic can be added and twice as much as indicated in the recipe.