The recipe for this temaki

In view of the great popularity of such a Japanese dish as sushi, it is not at all surprising that its interesting varieties begin to appear more and more in our lives. Temaki is one of these varieties, which enjoys great popularity and love in its homeland.

What it is? In fact, it is a roll that is distinguished by a fairly simple cooking process, and also has fairly large dimensions - about 10 cm in length. Outwardly, temaki resembles kulechek or cone, which is formed due to nori algae, into which the most diverse stuffing is embedded.

If you translate from Japanese, then its name translates as “roll assembled in hands” and this is true, because for its formation it is not necessary to use a special mat, everything is done quite simply and quickly.

That is why temaki roll is a great option for a quick dinner with friends and family, because everyone can cook them, and the result is tasty and interesting.

If you decide to organize temaki meetings, the table, in this case, is organized as follows: all the fillings are arranged on separate small plates, nori sheets are served separately, pre-cooked rice and necessary seasonings to taste. In the process of such an dinner, everyone will be able to roll his kulechek to his own taste and discretion - delicious and exciting.

How to cook real temaki? Of course, it is not necessary to cook such a dish with the whole company, it can be prepared for dinner and in advance, however, remember that these are rolls that very quickly lose their structure and shape, and therefore they should be eaten immediately after cooking.

What do you need? Of course, special rice for sushi, nori sheets and stuffing, which can be almost any ingredient, ranging from salted fish and vegetables, to greens, meat and various spices. It is this feature that, perhaps, influenced the popularity of this Japanese dish: for its preparation, you can use very inexpensive ingredients, the main condition is that they are as fresh as possible.

Recipe for Temaki Rolls

So, let's try to cook such a curious dish at home, for this we need to prepare all the necessary components:

  • sheets of nori, cut into two parts;
  • rice for sushi;
  • smoked salmon;
  • chilled shrimp;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • carrot;
  • avocado;
  • ginger, soy sauce.

Rice must be thoroughly rinsed, then pour with cold water and cook as in sushi. Remember that after washing it is not necessary to rinse it so that it does not lose the necessary stickiness. Now you need to prepare the remaining ingredients: chop the smoked salmon fillet into small cubes about 1 cm thick.

Approximately the same bars are peeled and cut into cucumber and avocado. Peel carrots and cut into thin strips. Now that all the ingredients have been prepared, you can start shaping the roll directly.

We lay out a sheet of nori on a plate or small plate. Hands are wetted in water, and then we begin to distribute boiled rice in a rather thin layer over a sheet of algae, more than half of the sheet should remain free. Next, on top of the diagonal we begin to lay out the filling: fish bar, cucumber, avocado and carrot.

We form: first we bend the upper right corner, touching the rice and the filling, then we lift the roll and bend the left part, forming the shape of a cone. We wet the free edge with water and fasten our temaki. We also form the remaining “kulaks” by ourselves, spread them on a plate, serve with soy sauce and, who likes it, ginger. A delicious result is guaranteed!

Some interesting facts:

  • It is believed that temaki rolls were the result of the merging of Japanese traditional cuisine and American fast food.
  • If you don’t like nori, or you don’t have the right algae at hand, you can use lettuce leaves instead, and as a result this dish gets a new refreshing taste.
  • In Japan, such rolls are not considered a restaurant dish, most often, they are prepared and eaten at home.
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