The recipe for how to make homemade wine from apples

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How to make wine from apples

Cooking a delicious wine from apples


What if a very large harvest of apples, and jam and dried fruits have nowhere to go? In this case, you can make yourself a small, but very nice gift - apple wine. The composition of apples includes a large number of useful microelements that can be preserved in wine. In addition, making apple wine is quite simple and easy, you will need to take sugar, apples, a juicer or a simple grater.


How to make wine from apples at home



To make a delicious wine, first you need to harvest the apples, but you do not have to wash them, you can even use the carrion, if there is a lot of dirt on the skin, then you need to wipe the apples with a soft cloth, then peel and remove the core together with seeds. Also, you need to remove the damaged or rotten parts, you can leave a small discoloration.


It will be ideal if you have a juicer, but you can also use a simple mechanical grater. Making wine from apples is very simple. Take the apples chop until the consistency of the mashed potatoes and wring out the resulting juice. Then you have to wait two days, as a result, you will get a very liquid apple puree, which should be transferred to a stainless bowl or enamel dishes, then leave the mashed pot for another two days. During this time, apple puree to allocate a fairly large amount of juice, and upward rises the pulp, so during the first two days, you must periodically mix the grinded apples, then within 24 hours the apple mass should be at rest, that is, you do not have to interfere with apples.


On the third day, it is necessary to completely remove the uplifted mash, and only one must remain in the vessel, while a small film of pulp should form on its surface. This juice should have a slightly unpleasant sourish alcohol smell, indicating that the fermentation process has begun. At this time, you can add sugar. Before you transfer the wort into a container with a lid, in which the fermentation process will occur, it is necessary to pour out the sugar.You can add sugar to taste, but it is very important to remember that homemade wine should not exceed 12 degrees. To do this, it is necessary to add exactly one glass of sugar per liter of wort. If you add less sugar, then the wine will be slightly weaker and drier. But if you add a lot of sugar, then the yeast simply will not have time to process it and the wine will be stronger and sweeter. To make a dessert wine, you need to add 400 grams of sugar to one liter of wine, and 200 grams of sugar to one liter of wine is added to get dry wine.


It is very important that the wine roams in a tightly closed container so that air does not flow to the must, otherwise you will get apple cider vinegar. The ideal option would be large bottles or barrels. The vessel must not be completely filled to remain 1, / part free (this space is necessary for foam).


In the lid of the vessel it is necessary to make a small hole into which a thin tube is inserted. The outer end should be lowered into a glass of water, and the other end should be under the lid itself to prevent foam from entering.


Then it is necessary to put the container with wine in a warm place, do not open it or move it.The fermentation process should continue for about one and a half months, after which you need to give some time so that the wine can settle, after which it can be drained so that the wine does not mix with the sediment at the bottom of the container. Now the wine should stand in a clean container, the wine will become sharper and much lighter. Full maturation of wine continues for two to four months, after which it is poured into clean bottles and clogged with a lid. Making wine from apples at home is much more profitable and more beneficial than drinking the wine that is sold in stores, made from which it is not known, and even diluted with water.


We hope that our recipe has helped you in making apple wine at home. If you have other recipes for preparing apple wine, send them to us, we will be happy!