The modern metal can candlestick is amazingly simple.

A chic and modern candlestick made of metal cans is surprisingly simple in execution. Such a thing will decorate a table in the garden and on the villa’s terrace, and it will look great on a coffee table in the living room.

Step 1.

Rinse with aluminum cans of beer or cola and dry.

Step 2.

Use a sharp knife or scissors, being extremely careful to cut the edges of the can and make a longitudinal cut. Expand the aluminum sheet and flatten it in any way you like, for example, against the edge of the table or with a rolling pin.

Step 3.

Draw a pattern for the petals on paper and cut.

Step 4.

On the aligned aluminum sheet, outline the contours of the petals, or simply attach a paper template and start cutting the aluminum petals. They will need at least 32 pieces. Prepare more aluminum sheets from cans by repeating the previous steps.

Step 5.

For the base, prepare a cork sheet, cut a circle with a diameter of 15 cm on it and stick an aluminum layer of the same shape to it.

Step 6.

Put the petals in a cardboard box and cover them with paint (gold metallic) from a can. Leave to dry out.

Step 7.

Give the petals a bulge, wrapping the tips around the pencil or brush.

Step 8.

Using a quick-acting glue, stick the petals to the base in several rows. First row…

... and the second, covering the space between the petals of the previous row.

Add a few more rows of petals, creating a beautiful flower with space for a candle in the center.

The candle is ready to decorate any interior! Put in the center a candle with an LED light bulb ...

... or cover a small LED tea light with colored glass. This will make evening gatherings in the country especially pleasant and cozy.