The double life of a man. Why is he lying?

A loving woman believes and hopes that her man will always be honest with her. Therefore, it is very painful and offensive to her if she accuses him of infidelity. Especially when it turns out that this relationship has been lasting for a long time. That is, her husband or partner actually led a double life, but at the same time he swore that he loved her alone, that for him she was the best in the world! Alas, these words were a lie. Why did he not admit frankly that the old love no longer exists, that he had another woman? What makes men lead a double life and lie?
Husband changes
Husband changes
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The longer the Don Juan list - the more honor

There are such representatives of the stronger sex, for whom a large number of seduced women is a kind of proof of their male consistency and charm. That is, for them it is a matter of principle. Moreover, such a man can quite sincerely assert that he loves his wife or partner. And he, as a rule, does not lie. Indeed, she loves, but does not consider it necessary to keep her faithful. At the expense of connections on the side, it is approved.

Why does he hide the truth about his love affairs? For such a hero-lover it is very difficult psychologically to be in the position of the defending side, to listen to the reproaches of the offended girl, to feel guilty. So he acts according to the principle “What people don’t know about - they don’t worry about that.”

It should be noted that among such hero-lovers not only ardent Southerners or muscular handsome macho men, or pronounced leaders, energetic and strong-willed, but also unremarkable people of rather ordinary appearance, build, restrained and phlegmatic by nature, come across. It would seem that such a person is completely different from the conqueror of women's hearts, but the fact remains.

There is practically no chance that donuana can be shamed and forced to remain faithful to her partner

Therefore, a woman in such a situation should either accept the infidelity of her man, or part with him. Sometimes this is the only way out. You should not deceive yourself and a man by maintaining such a relationship.

Sorry for the one and the other ... What to do in this situation?

There are also situations when a man’s double life is explained by his weak-willed will, indecision, self-doubt.As a rule, such a person is delicate, kind by nature, indecisive. He is afraid to inflict severe heartache on his wife or partner, to hurt her, frankly confessing her treason. And at the same time, he does not dare to make a choice between two women dear to him. Therefore, he is forced to lie, himself suffering from the consciousness of what he does is unworthy, low in relation to his beloved. Such a man does not want to deceive women, but he sees no way out of this situation.

A good example of such a man is the hero of the film “Autumn Marathon” Buzykin, perfectly played by Oleg Basilashvili.

Of course, there are exceptions. Other men - adrenaline lovers, on the contrary, find great pleasure in such a situation, being proud of how cleverly they fool their beloved women. In this case, it is very difficult, almost impossible to change a man.