The best didactic games for kids

Children are the greatest happiness for parents. Every mom and dad try to give their children only the best: give them their love and care, prepare only healthy food and buy the best clothes and the most interesting toys. Do not forget about the most important thing - the proper development of the child. We all want our children to be healthy and not to lag behind in development from their peers.

The best means for acquaintance of the kid with the surrounding world and for the formation of his right thinking has always been and remains - the game. With the help of it, our children learn to know the world: to distinguish the shape, size and color of various objects, as well as to find the connections between them in space.

The main thing that your baby was interesting, because as soon as he gets bored with the game - all your efforts to give him the necessary knowledge will be useless. It's good that now parents with this problem will be helped to cope with interesting didactic games designed specifically for children of different ages.

The main thing is to find an approach to the child

Few of us have come across this concept. Meanwhile, the didactic game is called all the game processes that contain a developing task. They take into account the interests and mental abilities of the child, corresponding to his age. Such children's educational games will not only raise the spirits of your child, but also improve his perception of the surrounding world, and also help to develop his speech, memory and thinking.

Didactic games come in three forms.

  • Games with toys. Thanks to them, the child learns the world by touch, i.e. studies the shape and size of various objects, learns how to manipulate them. Such games develop his imagination and creative thinking.
  • Verbal. They help develop the speech and memory of the child, as well as his thinking and imagination.
  • Games with the use of desktop and printed manuals. They develop the attention and visual memory of the child.

You should also be aware that in order for your baby to gain as much knowledge as possible - in any game there must be a clear task and rules for its implementation.

So, how to choose a game for the child? First of all, you need to focus on the age of the baby and take into account his interests and abilities.

At the earliest age from 0 to 3 years, great attention should be paid to sensory games, since it is at this age that children develop their senses intensively, and how well our child sees, hears and feels objects depends on his mental and aesthetic upbringing.

Fascinating and interesting

For babies of the first year of life, games with various toys are suitable. For the little ones - rattles with comfortable handles that the child can easily pick up. For babies from 7 to 10 months, various pyramids, rings, i.e. toys in which something needs to be strung on the rod. You can also offer the child various boxes or nesting dolls, which he can open and close himself. Closer to the age you can try to give him a simple designer, consisting of 3-4 parts and ask the baby to assemble it and disassemble.

For children from 1 to 2 years, you can offer a designer, consisting of more parts. You can also play with the child in simple educational games, for example:

  • Build a house or a tower of cubes. In such a game, it is important that the baby remembers the correct sequence of actions, i.e.he needs to say that he took one cube, put it, then took the roof and put it on the cube, and not vice versa. Your baby will be introduced to such words as “give,” “take,” and “put.” Also, if you use multi-colored cubes, you can ask the child to build a house of cubes of the same color. Thus, he will get acquainted with different colors.
  • "Find your toy." This entertainment helps develop memory and attention. First, you need to show the child any toy - he must remember it and turn away. After that we put this toy among others. The kid should find it by herself.
  • "Bag". For this game you will need: an opaque bag and a few toys. You put the toys in the bag, while the child calls them. After that, all is well mixed. The kid puts a pen in a bag and, first, calls it, and then pulls it out. This game teaches to recognize objects by touch.

For children from 2 to 3 years, educational games will be suitable in which you need not only to recognize the color, but also to know the geometric shapes, as well as to distinguish objects by size, for example:

  • The game "The Third Extra". Put in front of the child two squares in red and one circle in blue. Ask your baby what is superfluous? Then you can add more pieces, complicating the game.
  • "Houses".For this game, you can cut out colored paper houses of different sizes and animals of the same color and size. After that, you need to ask the crumb to pick up a house for each animal.

In order to come up with interesting entertainment for your child, it is not necessary to spend big money, you can use improvised means, for example, use clothespins, counting sticks or even pasta.

Clothespins can make a fun sun. Cut a circle out of yellow cardboard, and then ask your child to attach the rays (yellow clothespins) to it. In the same way you can make a hedgehog, and a Christmas tree. In general, everything that your imagination is capable of.

The more details, the better

From the calculating sticks you can lay out different shapes: houses, flowers, railway. You can make beads from pasta. Take a string and large pasta and ask the child to strung them. Thus, the motor skills of the hands are well developed. Also, the child can offer a variety of mosaics, simple puzzles and lacing.

Didactic games for children of 3-4 years old need to be organized taking into account their age features. At this time, the child becomes more independent and therefore it will be more interesting for him if he himself controls the course of the game.For example, you can offer to play the game "Who, what eats?" To do this, matchboxes on the outside need to glue the image of different animals, and inside - vegetables and fruits that feed these animals. Then pull out the inner boxes and mix. After that ask the child, for example, who likes to eat cabbage? The child himself must find a box with the image of a goat and treat it with cabbage. Thus, you can feed all the animals.

For children 4-5 years old, it is better to select speech development games. At this age, children already remember better, their vocabulary is increasing and their thinking is well developed. You can offer to play the game "Compare items." For example, choose two different cars and ask the child to describe how they differ and what they have in common. You can also play the game “Who does what?” To do this, prepare cards with images of various objects (picture, hammer, umbrella, plane, etc.) After that, ask your child what can be done with these objects?

Do not be discouraged if you do not have any game aids. You can always make them yourself with your own hands.For this, just, you need to have a little imagination.

Remember that the entertainment in pictures will always be interesting to your baby.

You can use any available materials: colored paper, cardboard and even clippings from magazines and newspapers. All this can be used as a means to create the most vivid and exciting fun aids with your favorite baby. And believe me - he will be delighted!

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