How to wash the bath?

Modern apartments and houses can not be imagined without a lot of different plumbing. But behind all this variety, care is needed. And in our stores such a number of household chemicals that the eyes diverge, and do not know what means for what is suitable. For example, than to wash a bath, the question is far from simple, and let's approach the answer to it with the utmost care.

Acrylic baths

Acrylic baths require special care products. And this care should be carried out properly. And if such a bathtub is soiled, you need to know with certainty how to clean the acrylic bath:

  • Do not use abrasive powders, as they leave behind scratches.
  • You can not use washing powders, from them your bath will fade.
  • Use special detergents, which should be applied in small quantities on a sponge. After you wipe the entire surface of the bath with detergent, you need to leave it for 5-10 minutes and then wash it off.
  • If the stain is not washed off, gently rub it with a soft cloth to which you need to apply toothpaste.
  • Traces of scale are scrubbed with vinegar.
  • After cleaning all the stains and rinsing, you can wipe the bath with a special polishing compound with wax.

What can wash a bath of acrylic, if it has chrome parts? The answer is the same — by the same means as the bath itself. The product is applied by spraying, left for 5 minutes, and then washed off. Clean these parts last.

Cast iron and steel baths

The enamel in the cast-iron and metal bath deteriorates over the years due to the lack of proper care or the quality of tap water. Therefore, to clean this bath is not easy.

  • How to clean the rust in the bathroom, that's a serious question. To do this, there are special tools: Comet antirzhavchina, Sanoks, Seth and many others. Try to moisten the surface of the bath abundantly and leave it all for a while. If not everything is gone, repeat the procedure.
  • You can also fill the bath with water, pour a bottle of vinegar there or pour 200 grams of citric acid. You can leave all this for 5-6 hours. Then drain everything and wash the bath. The procedure can be repeated every other day, if the result does not satisfy you.
  • There is another way to make your bathtub clean and beautiful. Order a special acrylic insert. It is not expensive, but your old bath will be completely new.


Housewives are often faced with a problem than to wash the tiles in the bathroom?

  • Strongly soiled tiles can be cleaned with strong detergents: for example, toilet gels, such as Silit, are suitable. Buy for these purposes compounds containing hydrochloric or acetic acid. Apply the product, leave it for half an hour, then, armed with a brush, carefully clean the tile. Wash everything off with water. You can repeat the procedure if everything is not wiped off.
  • For interplay tools there are special pencils, but if you did not manage to buy it, then just take an old toothbrush and soda - and go ahead.

Thus, if you wish, you can clean any bath, but it is better, of course, not to start it up to such a state, so that later you have to clean it. And do not forget about safety. Using strong chemicals, wear rubber gloves.