Terrace improvement

The terrace is an important part of the garden. It is the connecting element between the house and the garden. This is not a garden yet, but no longer a house. The whole family gathers on the terrace, holidays are celebrated, it is also a place of solitude. The shape of the terrace should match the overall appearance of the house. In a large house with spacious rooms and a terrace should be spacious. If the house is small, then the terrace should be small, but cozy. A big role is played by the architecture of the house.

Choice of place

The best place for a terrace will be the south or south-west side of the dwelling. The terrace should be sunny so that it can be used from spring to autumn. Plants will also grow more intensely on the sunny side. In summer, you can protect yourself from extreme heat with umbrellas, awnings, etc.


Furniture is an indispensable attribute of the terrace. It can be wooden, wicker or forged. On the terrace there should be an armchair, a table, an inflatable chaise longue or sofas, etc.


Terraced flooring can be varied. First of all, it affects the architectural style of the house. The cottage in an elegant modern style fit ceramic tiles or colored slabs of concrete. If the house is in a rustic style, then let the terrace be of cobblestone or clinker. As for the wooden coating, it looks best next to a log or cobbled house. We must not forget about the most important requirement for a terraced flooring: wear resistance. Terrace exposed to adverse weather conditions, in addition, go there most often in outdoor shoes.

Terrace landscaping

Arranging a terrace in the house should not forget about plants for her. After all, even a beautiful coating will look dull and pale without greenery. First of all, the greens help to close the terrace from prying eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to plant the plants around the perimeter. The type of plant depends on many factors. This predilections of the owners themselves, and the location of the terrace. After all, someone loves to care for flowers, and someone needs plants that require almost no care.If large trees grow around the house and the terrace is shaded, then it is better to plant flowers less so as not to create an even greater shadow. Access to the garden can be arranged in flowers in pots.

Terrace and pool

Terrace can be combined with a pool. On a hot day, the pool can be a special pleasure. And it is not necessary to make a real pool, you can buy an inflatable or frame. A small fountain will look great.