Stylish bag 2018 options: models for every taste

A bag is a stylish and convenient accessory, without which no woman can do without. Often it is the purse that completes the outfit and is the brightest detail in the image. The fashionable season in 2018 promises to be interesting for any preferences - designers offer a lot of options, including bags of large volumes and small miniature handbags. As for the form - and here in the choice there are no limits.

Suitcase Bag

Bizarre locks, fringe and stylish colors of dark shades - designers do not cease to please us with chic bags - suitcases that delight the eyes of all around and perfectly match with office clothes.

Tote bag

A capacious handbag-tote with two handles has been firmly holding its positions in the fashion world for several years. Almost every fashion house has this handbag model.

Reptile Leather Bags

Recently, reptile skin has become very popular.

More and more girls around the world are buying reptile leather bags to emphasize their feminine power.

This handbag is an exclusive and luxurious thing for long, long years.

Fur handbags

In the cold season, the designers decided to warm the fashionistas with the help of fur, original decor and prints.

Ultra-large models

On the one hand, large bags may seem inconvenient. But they are roomy and perfect for business trips! It is necessary to abandon the checkered print and cheap fabric. Only high-quality materials.

Miniature models

You can take a stylish miniature handbag with you to the party, putting a mirror, napkins and lipstick there.

Perforated bags

Next year, one of the main fashion trends will be perforation - figured slit-like diamonds.

Metallic handbags are a major trend that adds chic and luxury to the look.