Something is happening to me: how to understand that it is time to a psychologist

Write off a bad mood and endless fatigue for seasonal blues and vitamin deficiency? Are you sure that the problem can not be deeper? Perhaps you should seek help from a specialist. How not to miss alarming signals.

If you constantly experience anxiety, feel despair and hopelessness, and at the same time have lost interest in life, think about the reason. Perhaps this is a temporary phenomenon (for example, tired at work), and maybe a sign of the onset of serious problems. If such a condition lasts more than two weeks, a visit to a psychologist is a logical and correct step. The specialist will help you to understand yourself, suggest the way out of the crisis and give advice.

Do you often oppose yourself to others? For example, it seems to you that everything is normal, and you are weird. Or, on the contrary, everything is strange and only you are able to behave adequately. Because of this, it is difficult for you to make friends and start a family.If such thoughts are familiar, the psychologist will be useful as “two in one”: as a specialist with specialized education, and as a person from the side with whom you will have to communicate. In this case, the doctor will become a kind of “simulator”, where you can learn, and then work out communication skills, feel sympathy or disappointment, show respect or anger.

How to make peace with her husband
Sometimes it's enough to just say the problem out loud.
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If you have just experienced serious stress (for example, the loss of a loved one) and are not able to return to normal life on your own, only a doctor will help. There is even such a special term - “mourning”. It does not mean falling into total depression. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to go through all the corridors of grief and emerge from them into the light of new life and new tasks.

Remember the expression "all diseases of the nerves." It really is not so far from the truth. If you are constantly suffering from illnesses with an unclear etymology, and doctors have already lost their feet, prescribing new and new examinations, it is time to go to a psychologist. Perhaps the origins of the disease lie in the secrets of consciousness and the subconscious. Experiments have shown: the accumulated irritation is often the cause of headaches, fears in abdominal pains.And sometimes, having decided on a difficult and difficult step, some noticed that their leg stopped hurting. Coincidence? Perhaps ... But to exclude such a possibility is not worth it.

When to go to a psychologist
Specialist assistance is often required not only for adults but also for children.
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Do you have children? What kind of relationship with them? Just do not be cunning, at least with yourself. According to experts, it is most difficult for parents to experience a crisis of three years of age and adolescence in a child’s life. And there, and there all the tools of parental education, which had worked before, have already ceased to act, and there are a lot of offenses, powerlessness and anger accumulating. To resolve the difficulties in relations with maturing children, and at the same time to see, at what points of a particular household "pereklinilo", again a psychologist will help.

The crisis in the relationship of spouses. An item that you can safely add to the previous one. If you can’t talk to your partner, and it’s impossible to agree at all, look for a third one. That is, a person who could judge you professionally, make peace, and perhaps, as Igor Nikolaev sang, “glue a broken cup of love”.

Rate your life, objectively looking at it from the side. Does it have recurring scenarios? For example, a woman, starting a relationship with a man, always leads them in the same scenario (a la “Runaway Bride”). Or a man brings a business project to a certain point, and then nothing. Either interest is lost, or the money ran out, or there is no more relevance. So, according to all the same specialists, cyclical repetitive stories are a kind of “problem” of fate. And if it arises again and again, then you simply did not pass this lesson or did not fully grasp it.

And now the main thing. Learn to distinguish your temporary bad mood from the first signs of bipolar personality disorder or other serious mental illnesses. For example, bipolar disorder occurs when a person changes his mood for no reason. Moreover, both sadness and joy, he expresses extremely emotionally! So, as if at least the end of the world began. According to experts, on average, about 1.5% of the world's population suffer from bipolar personality disorder. But there is good news: it is successfully corrected and treated.