This snowflake is much more beautiful than the usual one, cut out just from a piece of paper, but it becomes much more difficult. From the very beginning I wanted to name my story not just a snowflake, but a snowflake from Oksana. The fact is that this method of making snowflakes was shown to me by a friend, or rather a work colleague, but changed her mind and left it as it is.
This jewelry has a much larger volume than any other jewelry.
Oh well, business time. What would our snowflakes turned out beautiful, we took color A4 sheets. And they chop them along a width of about 0.5 cm. Of course, this can be done with ordinary scissors, but we have mass production and, therefore, it was decided to draw a special knife.
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After a few minutes from several sheets it turned out this:
Someone may have already guessed, this crafts will be made according toquilling.
Then you need to turn our stripes into curls. We used a mechanical device, which I tell about at the end.And the most affordable is paste from a ballpoint pen with a slot in the middle.
We insert one end of our strip and wind it onto the paste with a little effort. Remove from the paste and let go. Nakrutish dissolve a little, but in general the form will remain.
Glue the dangling end to the roundel, thereby fixing the shape of the curl. &Nbsp;
Happy new year to you !