Should the chocolate burn? Experts asked this question

Now the network can find a lot of videos on which bloggers, wanting to know the truth about consumer goods, take a slab of ordinary chocolate and set it on fire with a lighter. Seeing that the tile lights up like a candle, users are outraged, saying that only “plastic” and low-quality chocolate is sold. Are we really being hounded? Some users even decided, for the purity of the experiment, to conduct a mini-investigation and set on fire not Russian, but foreign chocolate - for example, Swiss, as in the video below.

It is noteworthy that even a bar of Swiss chocolate lights up beautifully, forming a bright flame. So, the problem is not the "low quality" of Russian chocolate. Then what? Should chocolate really burn, not melt? This issue was decided to sort out the staff Roskachestvo.Elena Saratseva, deputy head of the Russian quality system, why chocolate burns: first, it consists of three main ingredients - fat (cocoa butter, etc.), ground cocoa beans, and sugar. Fat and sugar, mixing together, impregnate the dry constituent - cocoa beans. The result is a solid chocolate bar. With a strong heating of the oil, hardened in the tile, manages to melt and get out, because of what, in fact, the tile and lights up like a candle. It turns out that there is nothing strange in the fact that the fired chocolate does not melt, but burns. The ignition temperature is too high, and the oil, as it should be, lights up.

It turns out that all the accusations thrown in the direction of Russian producers of chocolate do not have a real basis. In order to prove it once again, Roskachestvo presented the results of recent Russian chocolate brands, on the basis of which high-quality products were selected. And bloggers for their videos often took chocolate, which fell into this category.