Shoe trends of the summer season 2014

Summer shoes are sometimes very difficult to choose. Attractive sandals with cute details, spectacular shoes, ballet flats of various colors, sneakers with funny prints are cramped in the windows ... You can continue indefinitely. From such a diversity, even with a girl who is savvy by fashion magazines, depression and confusion in the head will begin. Do not rush to buy everything that seems attractive to you. Carefully study the five main trends of the warm season.

Convenience to all head

The new season is marked by quality and comfort. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain the huge number of strange-looking sandals and slippers that are actively sold in fashion stores. Practical shoes came to the fore, and designers are proposing to girls to abandon tucked ankles and pain in their legs.

Slippers with an orthopedic insole - the main hit of the season. A massive, slightly rounded sole and thick wide straps securely fix the shoes on the foot. Calm natural colors allow you to combine such a model with a variety of outfits.The forefather of such "slap" was the famous brand Birkenstock. In the new season, the idea was picked up by Kenzo, Givenchy, Isabel Marant and other luxury and mass brands.

Yves Saint Laurent and Topshop drew attention to the rival sneak-slipons. These slippers are the second shoe trend of the summer season. Externally, the slipons look like sneakers: a fabric base, a white rubber low sole, a rounded toe. The main difference is the lack of laces. Slip-on monolithic front, and the convenience of donning and socks provide cuts on both sides, draped with wide elastic bands.

Lovers to be taller dedicated

If you are a fan of high-heeled shoes or heels, set aside your favorite studs and platform for a while. Today, the height must be solid and stable. The main trend in this direction is �tractors�.

Stella McCartney introduced them to fashion, and popular brands picked up the idea and rethought it a bit. Today, you can safely afford a sabot and shoes with a massive sole / heel made of rubber. The bottom should have a distinct relief.

Another convenient trend is sandals on a flat platform. Such shoes can be made of leather, plastic, fabric, suede.A distinctive feature is a closed heel (and often a sock). The platform should be absolutely flat and not very high - up to five to six centimeters. These sandals are comfortable, great fit for recreation, and for city life.

The fifth trend is a wide, steady heel of medium height and square shape. This shoe resembles the fashion of the 90s, although it is made of the most modern materials. The designers See by Chloe returned them to the podiums, and the Zara brand was the first to promote the masses.