Shaver: Philips or Braun?

In the life of every man there comes a moment when he begins to shave. Someone does it daily, someone once a week, so everyone needs a razor.

The razor - the household device intended for removal of hair. British scientists found out during a 20-year experiment that a man who shaves every day is 70% less prone to stroke and gets more pleasure from sex (2400 men from Wales took part in the experiment).

Razors on the market are represented by dozens of manufacturers, but among them there are two main market players: Philips and Braun. We have to find out which of them produces the best razors.

Philips is the largest manufacturer of home appliances

Philips is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances in the world and the largest in Europe. Initially, a dozen people worked for the company, and today there are tens of thousands. Philips shavers are recognized worldwide by millions of users.

Philips shaver features

  • Unique blade rotation system. It is not surprising that this manufacturer regularly presents innovative developments: the brand's asset is the Institute for Advanced Technique Research.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Knives are endowed with the possibility of self-sharpening.
  • The razor has a three-dimensional surface (new models), with which the contours of the face are repeated with absolute precision.
  • Most of the latest models are waterproof, they can be used under the shower.

The Institute of Personal Care is engaged in the process of studying the work of a razor in conjunction with different types of skin. Experts conduct testing and fix how hair is cut, how much pressure the technique produces on the skin of the face, is there a relationship with the elasticity of the skin and the result of the razor. The main task of the institute is testing and improvement of facial skin care technology.

The company also interacts with dermatology institutes, identifying user needs and adapting technology to them. Using a computer program is determined by the number of hairs per 1 square. cm, their length, rigidity, and a special device determines the effect of the shaving head.

Philips Razors compete with an innovative design approach.

Most models use an environmentally safe battery and have a voltage selection system.

Braun - manufacturer of equipment for home, office and entertainment

The manufacturer regularly works on new classes of products. Over the past few years, new products account for about 60% of Braun products. The main products that the company supplies to almost all countries of the world are electric shavers, epilators, electric toothbrushes, blenders, hair dryers.

Braun shaver features

  • The buyer has a choice: models with 1, 2, 3 shaving heads.
  • There are built-in folding or retractable trimmers.
  • Almost all models have a double power type: mains and battery. But you can always get a model with one type of food, which will be much cheaper.
  • The range has a compact (portable) model, convenient to travel.

All Braun shavers work in a certain direction (straight). The developers believe that this method of shaving is more convenient and comfortable. Testing was conducted by an independent institute. The manufacturer claims that his razor allows you to capture the largest number of hairs.

Some Braun models use unique Sonic technology, which checks the thickness of the bristles.The razor itself chooses the program and works less actively in those places where the density is lower. Less contact can reduce the risk of irritation. Each grid consists of 1064 holes that capture the bristles at such an angle that the hairs are removed from the first time. As a result, the skin does not interact with the shaving head, and the user gets a perfectly smooth skin.

Most new models combine dry and wet shaving. It is also important to mention that the Braun razors are water resistant. They can be lowered to a depth of 5 meters, after which they will continue to work properly. Using a self-cleaning shaver, the user will forever forget about the exhausting cleaning process after each shave.

Both manufacturers, Philips and Braun, can be considered benchmarks in the manufacture of razors. But Braun cares not only about quality, but also about the aesthetic appeal of the product. There are a number of design solutions that make razors attractive. Philips pays attention to the convenience and practicality of the product. Each of the two brands that fell under the comparison does not give up its warranty obligations.