Several schemes for knitting pattern "Snake"

Known to all needlewomen patternsnake" or "zigzag»Belongs to the category of openwork one-sided ornaments. But at the same time, such a pattern can be found in the relief categories. Basically they knit women's scarves, jackets and sweaters. Continuing the theme of knitting, we suggest you consider several types of snakes.

knitting snake pattern

Fishnet snakes

The first scheme is somewhat similar in its structure to the gum. In order to tie a small sample, you need to dial thirty-two loops and work as follows: the first row is performed by alternating two purl loops and two facial loops. So knit until the very end. The next lane, like all even ones, starts with 2 persons. p., and then knit 2 out. p. New line fits in like this: two izn., then nakid, 2 joint facial to the left side and two izn. loops. Then knit as well as in the previous strip, only two joint lapels should be with a bias to the right side. In the seventh row of the scheme is repeated from the third.

knitting snake pattern

snake pattern knitting scheme

Another scheme will help you create a knitted summer summer top with knitting needles, if you use cotton yarn for this. This pattern will be able to do, even for beginners.

snake knitting pattern

The diagram shows only the face lines. Purl should be performed according to the figure. Nakids are executed by the wrong side. Rapport ornament consists of eight buttonholes in width. Before it is necessary to make eight links, and after - nine. In height, the snake pattern repeats from the first to the sixteenth p.

8 loops pattern repeat

knitting scheme symbols

To make a last snake pattern with knitting needles, type two edge plus links, which must be a multiple of nine and another 2 paragraphs for symmetry. As an example, make twenty-two loops. Then knit zero composing p. Next, start with the edge, 20 I. p. and edging. The third line corresponds to the regional, then 2 i.p. and 2 persons. etc., one outline, three joint facial behind the front wall, one cape, 2 liters. and 2 ip, edge. Do not forget that all the lines begin and end with the edge line, so they will not be mentioned further in the text. Fourth р .: two persons. and two and. etc., then the outline that was made in the previous row is knitted by the back, 1 and. n., re-knit again, as described earlier, 2 and. p., 2 lp Now knit a new b.: 2 ip, two joint faces. way to the front wall, intake, 3 l.p., filament yarn, two joint persons. for the front wall and 2 and. The final row is executed according to the following scheme: 2 hp, 1 and. n., threw, which was performed in the previous band, knit inside out, 3 and. n., again should make a cape, 1 and. etc. and 2 persons. P.

knitting with a snake

And another way to tie a beautiful snake.

snake pattern

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Embossed ornament

Relief knitting is quite simple in execution, but it looks very impressive. Due to the fact that the pattern goes volumetric, small flaws and errors are almost not noticeable to others. Among such relief designs there is also a pattern, which is covered in this article.

embossed snake pattern

The number of buttonholes should be a multiple of fourteen plus two edge ones. The scheme depicts how individuals. band, and others. According to this you must knit a pattern. Start at one edge and end it too. The rapport of the ornament is constantly repeated from the first to the twelfth row.