Sergey Shnurov: “I always liked Piggy. Swine

The musician of children does not beat, but he writes songs. In stock three more.

It seems that soon the leader of the group "Leningrad" will no longer be perceived as a hooligan, a rowdy and a matershinnik.

It is hard to believe that the same Cord, who allowed himself to undress on stage during a concert, now advertises the Tretyakov Gallery, plunging into Malevich’s “Black Square”, will soon be running the “About Love” show on Channel One. And recently wrote a song for the morning program with Khryusha and Stepashka.

“I always liked Piggy. His hooliganism. Swine, ”says the musician.

Photo: @shnurovs

However, it is worth talking to Sergey outside the stage - and you understand: there he is in an image, and life is a completely different story. “Everything should be relevant,” says Shnurov. And it is no wonder why, with such trepidation and even scrupulousness, he reacted to the writing of a children's song.

- 9 months ago I was offered this. It's like having a baby. It seems to have given birth.It's funny, now have a third child to listen to this song, laughs Shnurov. - It does not mean that I did it all the time. It was necessary to understand, understand that the kids are interested. I listened to foreign analogues, The Offspring wrote something for children, I reviewed the “Lion King”. I wanted to understand the structure of the song, as with the children now communicate. It turned out there is major harmony and everything is built on repetitions. I realized that I need a hearty. A knockback awakening screensaver.

I understood that hardly anyone on our stage would do something energetic. About sad, about thinking, about unhappy love - that is yes. In my opinion, everything turned out. I hope the kids will not be scared. I have three more children's songs, I showed them only in a narrow circle, children like them. Maybe I will release somehow a separate disk.

I know that children love “Leningrad” and perceive me as a certain Barmaley, which is wildly pleasant for me. And if they call on the program itself, I think I can talk to the children about the music. Judging by my children, I can teach something. Daughter won in the Faculty of Philosophy studying, the son shows outstanding ability in mathematics. "

How to raise children? I do not know. There is no parenting pattern.Children are different. Beat? No, I never beat my own. No children ever beat.