Scalded Cheese Sauce with Oranges

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Chicken eggs3 pieces)Orange1 pieceCheddar cheese100 gramsButter100 gramsGround black pepper
  • Servings:

Suddenly, a citrus idea for hard cheese. Orange, yolk and cheddar harmoniously met in this sauce, which was invented on the basis of the famous French ollandez. And not only met, but also "made friends". But all because citrus - a universal thing.


Cheddar grate on a medium grater.

From orange squeeze fresh, filter the bones. Lemons can be used instead of orange.

Separate the yolks from the eggs, mix the yolks with orange juice and put in a water bath - cook, whipping the yolk emulsion with a whisk, so that the sauce does not curd. Make sure that the dishes in which the sauce is whipped are not in contact with water.

When the custard mass gradually begins to thicken, mix in the grated cheese, continuing to work with a whisk.

Beat the cheese sauce on the steam bath until all the cheese is dissolved, then salt and season with black pepper.

Ready-made custard cheese sauce served warm or cold for any appetizers or second hot dishes.