Savannah cat description

Savannah is the most expensive breed of domestic cats in the world. It is produced by crossing a domestic cat with a wild serval. All pets of this breed are marked with the symbols F1, F2, F3, F4, F5. The first number of serval blood is 50%, the second is 25%, and so on. It is because of the need to constantly cross with a wild animal that the savannah cat costs so much.

Savannah cat description

Confusing the savanna with other cats is difficult, because it is a true miniature leopard.

savannah cat
Savannah cat has an unpredictable character.
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This breed has strict characteristics of appearance. The slightest deviation from the rules disqualifies the individual.

  • The head is in the shape of a triangle, very small.
  • The ears are large, set high.
  • Upper eyelid in the form of a boomerang, lower - in the form of almonds. This type of eye in ordinary domestic cats do not exist. Eye color is yellow, copper or green.
  • The weight of an adult pet is 14 kg, height at withers - 50 cm.
  • The body is powerful, athletic.
  • Paws long and thin.
  • The tail is not very long. Standing cat does not concern them sex.
  • Wool is short, coarser to the touch than domestic cats. There is a soft undercoat.

There are five basic colors: chocolate, brown, silver, gold and tabby cinnamon. Characteristic cheetah spots must be scattered in a chaotic manner all over the body. Any white spots and tiger stripes are a disqualification of the breed.

The nature of the cat savannah

You need to understand that the savanna is not just a domestic cat. This is an animal that needs careful training. However, this breed is perfectly trainable. She can master all the typical "dog" team like "Aport", "Alien", etc.

Savannah very bouncy. They easily jump to a height of 3 meters.

In advance to predict the nature of the pet is impossible. He can be as very affectionate and friendly, and aggressive. As a rule, small kittens are always affectionate. Fully physically and mentally the animal is formed only by 3 years, at this time all negative traits of character can appear. Experts recommend keeping the savannah in spacious aviaries. Without an open-air cage, you can only keep pets that have managed to demonstrate their friendliness more than once.

This is a breed of leading cats.If there are other pets in the house, the savannas will quickly create and lead their flock.

Find reviews on the savannah cat is not so easy, because few can boast of such an unusual pet. This is a breed for true connoisseurs who are not averse to having a wild animal in their homes. If you are not afraid of the peculiarities of his character and some difficulties in the care, why not get such a pet.