Rims on the truck

Recently I bought a used truck, I want to repair it. Old wheel disks have completely failed, you need to buy new ones. Tell me which discs are better to choose and where can I buy them in the Krasnodar region?
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Answered on May 17 14:02
Will you repair yourself or at the station? If you are a car to make specialists, then you can ask them. They always have contacts of proven suppliers from whom they buy parts.
Answered on May 17 14:07
To pick the wheels for your car, you need to know certain characteristics of your vehicle. Forged alloy wheels are considered the highest quality, but they are certainly not cheap.
Answered on May 17, 14:11
I agree that you should not save on the purchase of disks, it is very important to buy a quality product here. Your car is designed for the transport of multi-ton loads and most of the load falls on the axle and wheels, so the wheels are better to choose strong and reliable.Here you find where you can buy rims for a truck. Consult with managers, they will help you choose the right wheels.