Rice powder - the best natural remedy for oily skin

Rice powder is said little, perhaps because it is not very common in our market, nevertheless, it has truly miraculous properties in relation to the skin of the face and body. The product of the so-called seeded rice, naturally, came to us from the countries of South-East Asia, where this powder was actively used by geisha girls to transform their appearance.

And just remember the pictures - their faces have always been impeccable, and the whole secret is that such a cosmetic product not only matures and hides the existing shortcomings, but also effectively heals them. In the cosmetic sphere, it is often added to ordinary loose or pressed powders, as well as to various tonal bases, correctors and creams.

Rice powder is the secret to the beauty, longevity and health of the skin of many Asian women, because it is capable of delicately and effectively caring for its surface due to its unique composition.

Remarkably, it is perfect for any type of skin, in dry and sensitive skin it reduces inflammation, does not emphasize desquamation, and oily skin mats, relieves acne and enriches with necessary mineral compounds.

Unlike many other well-known cosmetics, rice powder is quite possible to do it yourself, which will save a decent amount of your money. How? We will certainly talk about this today, but first we will list all its useful properties.

  • Treatment of problem skin, healing of wounds and minor abrasions.
  • Restoration of damaged layers and rejuvenation, rapid cell regeneration.
  • Softening and toning, as well as high-quality nutrition not only of the surface, but also of the deep layers of the epithelium;
  • The absorbing effect, plus to this, does not dry the skin, and the pleasant matte color lasts for 6-8 hours.
  • Great for those cases where it is important that the powder was completely invisible on the face: it perfectly aligns the tone and gives the skin a pleasant healthy look.

How to cook at home?

We must immediately say that the process itself is long and requires patience, but the result is really worth it: you get quality,deprived of all kinds of preservatives and chemistry, face powder. For it you will need nothing more than ordinary rice. We describe the whole process:

  • Three tablespoons of cereal thoroughly washed, put in a jar and pour boiled water. Cover it with a cloth and put in a cold place. Every day, the water in the jar needs to be changed: wash rice and pour everything with boiled water again. These measures are necessary so that the croup does not begin to ferment.
  • So we repeat for 6 days, the rice in the process should swell and turn into gruel. Pour off the rest of the water and begin to pound it to the state of a viscous porridge, which is not so easy, but you need to try. When it is a homogeneous state, add some water to it, mix it, pour it into a separate clean can of bleached water. It is neat here: it is important that the whole sediment remains at the bottom, and only water gets into the clean jar. It is in this bleached liquid - what we need.
  • After the rice we continue to crush and refill with water. Repeat all the above steps for 20-30 minutes, after which you will see a white precipitate begin to form in the white water jar. This is our powder!
  • Now you need to wait 60 minutes, until the sediment is finally set in the jar of water, then carefully drain the water. Next we take a sieve, put a tissue into it and start slowly decanting everything that remains in the bank.
  • When all the water has gone, and a white mixture is left on the napkin, put a dry towel on it and put your napkin on it with moist powder. Now she has to dry, she will need at least 12 hours.
  • After a while, the finished powder can be poured into the bottle and used for health. The powder should be soft and smooth.

By the way, there are other recipes for rice powder, for example, using clay or cinnamon. But this is considered the most effective and effective. By the way, it can be used not only as a powder, but also added to various home masks, for example, to treat too oily skin prone to acne and blackheads.

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